End of Days

I can't believe it. Two days of snow in the desert.
Today was the worst. The storm hit us hard.Our valley didn't know to do. There were road closures. The airport was shut down. Schools will be closed. And I was snowed in.
I had to alert the public of the interstate to California being closed, and that means I get to spend the night in Jean. Yay! with live shots for the morning show. Double yay!



Snow?! In Vegas?!

It is actually snowing....in the desert. I never thought I would witness this. Just another birthday miracle. I wonder what other miraculous things I will see today?


A Very Happy Birthday

Today was a great day! Normally I can't imagine any of my birthdays getting any better than the last, but they always surprise me. Not only did I receive awesome gifts from all my friends, I was giving the keys to a brand new work vehicle. It is sweet!

The weekend has just begun. Stay on the lookout for the full report very soon.


A Festivus for the Rest of Us!

I've been talking about it for years, and I believe that with the current state of our economy now is the time for me to make the transition.

From this day forward I will no longer succumb to the pressures of the Christmas holiday. I no longer want to feel the need to purchase items for people who will most likely never use what I gave them. As if it means I do not like/care/love you enough if I don't get you the best possible gift. I do not want to go into crowded stores looking for those gifts that have been sold out for weeks. I hate Black Friday! Did you see someone was trampled in New York state? Someone died! Over a $200 piece of shit laptop! It has to stop! I am done! I'm out!

Bring on Festivus!!

Festiuvs Pole

Check out my Festivus pole. No more cutting down trees for me. This is much better. Durable....reusable....aluminum!

Festiuvs Pole

This is my renouncement of Christmas forever. I am celebrating Festivus for the foreseeable future. As we were growing up, we learned that Christmas was a time for caring and giving. A time for forgetting our worries and enjoying just being alive with friends and family. Every single Christmas movie plays up this theme. Yet no one ever does what we are told or what is seen in movies. Right now, somewhere in America, there are two parents wrestling over the newest must-have toy of the year. They are most likely yelling, calling each other names and being very non-Christmas like. All so little Billy or Sally can have the meaningless toy that will be broken the week after Christmas. There has to be a better way!

Festiuvs Pole

Festivus will fix all of this. The need to buy gifts for every single person you know will no longer be required. Instead you can choose who you want to buy gifts for, if any. No multiple gifts either. One is enough for anyone. If someone gives you something, you have absolutely no obligation to get them something in return.

Along with Festivus comes the "airing of grievances and the "feats of strength". I promise there will be both. The "airing of grievances" allows you to tell anyone what you really think of them, and they can't get mad at you. The "feats of strength" will challenge your physical and mental abilities along as dare you to step out of your shell. You will do things that you may have never dreamed possible.

Let's get this straight though, this is not about being cheap. It is about restoring the true meaning of the Holiday Season. Think back....when was the last Christmas that you didn't feel rushed and pressured to beat an imaginary clock to make your friends and family happy? For you there is

A Festivus for the Rest of Us!


Miles of Bad Luck

The last two weeks has been hell for me. It all started the day after election day. That was the day I was in a traffic accident while at work. You remember that, right? Because of the accident I was given a few days off and was told to get myself checked out by a doctor. I went ahead and did that. It wasn't too bad. I was told that I had minor muscle sprains and I would heal naturally with rest and limited activity at work. Ok I can deal with that. Just take it easy at work. No problem. We'll get back to that in a minute.

At that time, I thought everything was going great for me. I get an extended weekend to relax and rest up. This is going to be great. Aviation Nation was that weekend; I love fighter jets and giant airplanes. Plus I could go to First Friday with my friends. (First Friday is an art fesitival held every first friday of each month. It is at night and I work nights. I hope you get it by now) Well if you read my blog about the accident you should remember I started it out talking about my sore throat. I thought I was ok. I get sore throats at least once a year, and they cause no problem. I suffer a few days, drink alot of hot tea, and then it is gone. I'm normal again. So I went to First Friday still having a sore throat, and for the most part I had a fun time. I had to go home early though. I was going to Avaiation Nation the next day, and the gates open early. But to my surpise I awoke the next morning with my throat swollen to the point that I could barely breathe. It was super sore. I felt miserable. I had to go to the doctor. I hate going to the doctor. They always make me feel inferior to their knowings of medical knowledge like I should know what they are talking about. Hey I didn't go to med school. Just fix me and shut up!

I was told that I had strep throat. Yipee! I was given a prescription and told to stay home for three to four days. So my four day weekend turned into a five day sick weekend. I stayed quaranteed to my room for most of it so I wouldn't infect my roommate.

It is not like I didn't get anything accomplished while I was at home alone for I had my Wii helping me recover.

Defeated Ganon

I finally Defeated Ganon in the Legend of Zelda. I slightly remember this being a much bigger deal when I was a kid. This time......quite unsatisfying.

On to Second Quest

What the hell is this Second Quest crap?!

I also discovered a new comic.

Kick Ass

Kick ass is totally kick ass! If you like to read comics, you must pick this one up. It is about a teen who decides he wants to be a superhero, so he tries it one day and totally gets his ass handed to him. Along with other things this comic rocks!! Go get it now!

So back to our story. I returned to work after five days at home. I had to return to work being on light duty. Light duty as a photojournalist sucks! I did alot of this.

Light Duty, Blah

Notice the lack of shaving. I didn't care. Sitting around at the tv station for 8 or so hour a day for a week really makes one chipper. I don't know what is worst. Doing nothing at home or doing nothing at work? Correction I did have few things to do at work.

Paper angst

Stop all the accident paperwork!! You know it is really hard to take a photo of paperwork frustration. Try it! I dare you!

Ok I getting close to finishing this. Everything brings us up to date....present tense. So at first this week looked promising. I was feeling better, and I hoping to get back to normal work duty soon. Well....there was a bit of a set back. It turns out the doctor I went to for my traffic accident isn't exactly covered by my company's workman's comp. So I was told to stop seeing that docotor, get all the paperwork from that doctor, and wait until they figured out the next step. Ok simple enough. But wait I tick. On Tuesday night I started to feel strange. I broke out with a full body rash. My face and ears felt like they were on fire. I was itching so much it must have looked like I had some sort of version of Tourrette's Syndrome.

So I had to leave work again. It turns out I was having an allergic reaction to the medication I was taking for the strep throat. Well that sucks! I just finished all of that prescription the day before. This couldn't have been discovered sooner? I was told by the doctor that it probably took a few days for work itself through my system. I was giving two painful shots in the ass (I hate needles!) and sent home with a note to take another day off.

Prescription Medley

Now I have more prescriptions to take. What if these cause new reactions? I wouldn't know I rarely ever have to take prescription drugs. Maybe it is because my birthday is coming signaling to me that my aging clock is striking. Or maybe it is all just a string of bad luck.

To end on an upper. I didn't waste the full day at home. I went to yet another doctor, but this one has cleared me to get going back to work. Horray for me!!!


Light up the night

First day back from my little traffic accident and all I do is cover an opening of yet another local casino. Yay!

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The True Meaning

So the glorious holiday of halloween has just passed, and I never understood why everyone dresses up in the first place. I know it is fun to pretend to be an astronaut or a pirate, and getting free candy is always a good thing.

But why is it such a big deal? Where did these ideas of wearing costumes come from?

Well, I did some research, and maybe this video will insight you as much as it has opened my eyes.

Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized?


Shaken not Stirred

Today was awful! First I woke up having a sore throat which can only mean that I am getting sick. I hate being sick!

Second I was in a traffic accident around 3:30 p.m.


That really ruined my day. I was just driving to work. Minding my own business. When a few cars ahead of me abruptly stopped . I jammed on my brakes! My truck skidded to a stop just barely missing the truck in front of me. When BAM!


A white van smashed into the back of my truck pushing it into the truck in front of me. Do know how scary it is to look back and see that?!


The truck in front of me received minor damage. A few scratches on the bumper. My truck has its back hatch smashed in, and the window was shattered. The the good thing though, my news camera was protected inside its metal black case. Yay!

So I had to file a police report. A plus note, no one was injured. Yes, yes I'm ok. Maybe a bit sore, I'll find out more in the morning.

Then I had to wait for the tow truck to come and pull the two vehicles apart so that we could try to pry the camera out of its case and save it from anymore trama. I'm glad to report that we succeeded. Then I had to take a drug screening test for my company's insurance. It is a good thing I had to pee, but let me tell if you bring the wrong form you may have to wait almost a hour. That is a long time holding it.

Then after that I was handed alot of paperwork to fill out, and I was sent home. But wait! I don't have a car. I need a ride. Good thing my supervisor lives near my general direction.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Hmmmm......how am I going to get to work?

UPDATE 11-6-08

So today as I was driving to work I felt a slight.....spasm (isn't the right word but is the first that comes to mind) in my lower back. I told my supervisors went I got to work about my discomfort and I was told to go to the doctor and go home for the day.

So I call up my doctor who refers me to another doctor that specializes in traffic accidents. Long story short, I may have minor back muscle and ligament sprains. I get a doctor's note for yet another day off, and recommended for some therapy sessions. What in the world am I going to do with all this time off?


Fashion Forward

I recently had an excellent fashion photo shoot.

It was a lot of fun. I like to take pictures of people, and I found out that in the right atmosphere with the right people makes all the difference.

Cassie Myers

This model's name is Cassie. She was great! Most people just want to get the shoot over as soon as possible, but not her. She has a great natural look. She was patient and had a very positive attitude. She wasn't afraid to get a little dirty either

Cassie Myers

One of the best parts of this shoot was its creative energy. My friend Courtney was the source of all that energy. She had all the clothes and wanted unique looks for each. We would talk about ideas and try multiple things out. I can't recall the last time when I felt like my photo shoot was like goofing around instead of working.

Cassie Myers

I wouldn't mind doing this as my permanent job. The only thing is I would need to surround myself with people who will make me want to reach for that extra bit of creativity. Who knows maybe my friends in this shoot will want to try to start our own fashion photography buisness.


Pointless Crap

Ok, so I've returned from my trip to Portland, Oregon, and I had a great time. I was able to see all my friends that I miss hanging out with. Although that there seemed not to be enough time in the week to do everything I wanted to do, I believe had a great taste of the Oregon life.

I have a lot of stories and plenty of pictures to show, but that will have to wait. I'm tired from my trip and I need to get back into the work mode.....BLAH!!!

There is one thing I wanted to share first. You know how when you want to get to your destination it sometimes seems like the flight is taking forever. On my way to Portland the flight was so damn long, but on the way back the time flew by. I hate that. Get me there already.

So on the flight to Portland I seemed extra bored. I read my book. Listened to my ipod. None of it seemed to plast the time any quicker. That was until I picked up the latest issue of SkyMall. This magazine is filled with pointless crap, and the sadest part about it that people actually by this shit. It did provided me with some much needed enertainment.

Look at this stupid product

I just don't get it. Why would any respective guitarist EVER by this product? Ooooh look here I can play the guitar now! It claims to help you learn to play "all" your favorite songs with one finger. This thing is stupid it only allows you to play four chords, and four of the easiest ones to learn at that.

If you really want to learn to play the same songs that this contraption can play, I suggest you learn how to actually learn the REAL chords. Well if you don't believe me, you might want to ask Herbert


Returning Home??

I'm taking a trip. I need to get away from the desert for a little while.

So I'm going home....in a way. I'll always consider Oregon as my second home.

I love everything about Oregon. I coast....the moutains....Portland. This is a older picture from the coast in Oregon. Hopefully I'll have lots more when I come back along with more stories to tell.

Stay tuned.


To Be Interupted....

What is the point?! I know I never finished my story of the previous blog. Maybe I'll get to to it later. Who is reading this shit anyways?!

I'm tired of all of it. I need a break! I don't want any of it to continue....but we all know it has to. Today is like a bad ending to the first episode of a two-parter. You've watched the whole show...hoping for a resolution, but NO you get the damn "to be continued" font at the end.

So now I have to wait. Wait for the exciting conclusion of my madness. Why can't people just be happy? It seems simple enough.

Look at this guy!

I met this man tonight. He is happy. He is building his own damn plane in his garage for Christ sake! Only thing he wants is to be able to build an airplane that will fly him and his to unknown destinations.

He has a purpose! He knows where the next few years of his life are heading. I don't know where the next few weeks are going.

I want to so much tell you all what the hell is going on with me, but for the protection of a few I continually resist. Would it really be that bad if I told? I think I could live with myself. I'm selfish as it is. What is destroying this one more thing?

Everyone should be happy! So how come we are all miserable. Look at it like this. You know the things that make you happy, and you know the things and make you unhappy. Is it really that hard? Why do we all continue to pick the unhappy things?!!!!!

Go write your novel! Go play/sing your song! Go build your plane!

That's it!. I have to do it. I have to tell the world. There is no other option.

This is what is happening.

I am...............................................................


Moronic Duties Part 1

So whenever I meet someone new, and they find out my profession. I usually get the same response. They think my job is interesting, amazing, exciting, fascinating, and even cool. They wish they had a job like mine. While my job can be all of those things. Yes I get to ride in helicopters. Yes I get to travel to new places. Yes I get to meet new interesting people daily. Yes I get to see things that most people will never get to see. That said, sometimes my job sucks just like everyone else's does. There are times when I have to do things that I don't want to do, and most of those things seem very pointless.

Take for instance last week. Now I don't know why, but it seemed like each day I was asked to do something more idiotic than I did the previous day. So I decided to document all this stupid shit to tell you all about it. Now some of you already know my pain, but there are a few of you who read this and you have no idea. At least not yet.


I hate Mondays. No matter how much fun I have during the weekend I always feel like Monday ruins it for me. So I get to work around my usually late time. It was raining all weekend, and everyone goes freaking nuts when it rains here. (more on that later) I walk into my newsroom. Talk to a few people. Say hi to some other people. Then my assignment desk manager asks me to go outside to shoot rain video. Thinking I was just outside and I didn't see it raining, but I go out there to do it anyways.

Once I get out there I see that it did rain, but not much. I'm talking like 1/36 of an inch. I call back inside to tell them that it isn't raining, and there is no need to shoot anything. He goes on to tell that our Executive Producer just left the buliding and saw it raining and told him to get someone to shoot it for the news. So he asks me to just do it anyways so he doesn't get in trouble later.

This is completely ridiculous! They're wasting my time on this nonsense. Yet I still have to do it. So I decide to give them what they want.

I shoot rain.......droplets

It is not raining, but I have prove that it did somewhere, sometime in the past. Or I maybe someone recently used a hose.


Sometimes I'm asked to do something so boring, so oscitant that I wonder why in the hell are they paying me to do this stupid shit.

As soon as I get to work on Tuesday, I was told to go stakeout the county dentention center (jail). Oooh, a stakeout....that sounds exciting. Well it is not! Instead it sucks. I have to stand outside a building that has many entrances, waiting for a highway patrol trooper that is believed to be turning himself into authorities. (information wasn't completely confirmed)

Here is the catch. I have no clue what he looks like. HA!

But they give me a discription. He's a somewhat tall white male. Great! Thanks!

Plus I get help

My "lookout" says that he claims to know what the man looks like, but then again he keeps jumping to attention whenever some person he "thinks" is the tropper walks by, but it never turns out to be the tropper. So we spend the next five hours or so moving from one side of the building to the other, and scooping out any fancy car that pulls up to the sidewalk. My reporter buddy believes that any second a lawyer in a fancy car will pull up with the suspect inside, ready to walk right into our direction.

It turns out that the highway patrol trooper turned himself in to authorities at his lawyer's office and he was transported (by police vehicle) to the detention center before we even go to the building. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

Oh you want to know why he is so omportant. Well a few weeks back the tropper was off duty and was involved in an automobile accident. He crashed into another car killing the driver of that car. At the time it was said that he had a diabetic seizure. It was later proven that he had marijuana in his system. Ooops!

That was just the start of the week for me. It gets even better as the week goes on. Tune in for the exciting continuation. Same blog time. Same blog channel


Awards?? I guess

So I've been doing my line of work for about six or seven years now. I've never thought anything I ever created was good enough to win any type of award. I am more critical of myself than anyone. But I still enter my work into contests not hoping for much.

In fact at work I'm in charge of gathering up all the other photographers' work and submitting it into the NPPA quarterly clip contest. Sometimes I feel like a that one teacher in high school who tries to get to kids to work harder and try new things because he knows they can achieve something more. No one wants to enter anything. They all think it is a waste of time. Why wouldn't they? The only names you ever see on the winner's list are people who do special projects that are given days to work on stories. But I still keep telling everyone to enter because you never know, anyone could win.

Well now I can back that up. Both of my enteries for the first quarter have placed. This is the first time that I even placed.

Apartment Fire! Get Out! has won 2nd place in the Spot News category

Henderson CSI has won 3rd place in the General News category

Check them out tell me what you think



Dear Cousin Gobo,

Being an artist is very tough. You need determination to succeed, and patience through the rough times when you don't succeed.

I've always tried to be an artist myself in my own unique way. I use photography as my art form. I may not be the very best at it, but I consider myself to always be growing. I'm always learning. Most of us have to learn. We are not all born to be artists.

Then there are some who are born to be artists.

I met John Romita Jr. this past weekend. You ask, who is that? Well that is the thing. You wouldn't know about him unless you knew alittle about what he does. He's a famous artist. He's is more than that. He is part of a Legacy. JR JR is the son of John Romita Sr., who along with Stan Lee (and some other great artists) co-created Spider-man and other great Marvel comic characters.

JR JR has drawing comics in his blood. He is truely gifted. Over the years, JR JR has created many infamous characters and stories in the world of comics. He has done Spider-man, Daredevil, Punisher, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man, and the Hulk to just name a few.

He recently created World War Hulk, which he signed my copies for me. Within the next few months he will be returning to Spider-man!

He was really nice. He even made me a quick sketch of my favorite character. You can all guess who it could be.

So as you go see your favorite Super-hero movie this summer, remember that there are true artist behind all these great stories. Be on the lookout for the stories of the future.



El Backpacko

You've seen the production shots. Now watch the movie that is taking the nation by storm.


Holy Stunts!!!

Dear Cousin Gobo,

This past weekend I traveled out to a very isolated dry lake bed hidden far within the Nevada desert.

I went out there, searching for a natural fossils and artifacts. Some water would have been nice too. But I didn't find any of that, instead I discovered something much more intriguing.

I found a movie set. I was great! There were directors, cameras, and actors scattered all over the dry lake bed. The Director yelled into his bullhorn, "Quiet on set" and "Cut-o Cut-o". I think he was foreign.

They were participating in the L.V. 48 Hour Film Festival. It is a contest where you try to make a short film within two days. You're given a line of dialogue and a prop that you must use, and then your team also draws the type of genre for the movie. They drew western.

I was asked to help them out and even play a role in the film.

I played a mean gunslinging hombre named Dirty Sanchez. I had very cool western wardrobe and a fake mustche. In my big scene I was facing off in a shoot out with another actor for the prop that had to be in the movie. We finished shooting the scene and then the film switched gears. That is when I really found out what the movie was all about


We were shooting a stunt movie within a western movie, and we had alot of stunts. Basicly the movie was about one big oaf causing accidents all over the movie set.

We had a stuntman being air ramped into the side of a grip truck. Super cool to watch someone being catapulted through the air and then slamming against a large truck.

We also lit a guy on fire!

This was so damn cool. Have you ever seen a guy running around in a ball of flames? The stuntman's name was R.J. He said that this was the hottest burn he has ever done. The whole thing lasted about 10 seconds. It seemed much longer than that.

We also lit a girls arms on fire.

You can see her arms are wrapped with ice chilled bandages. This helps protect her from the flames. Also we shot blood on her face. She was very hot and I am not talking about the heat from the flames or sun

Speaking of blood. Here is a bloody dead guy. In the movie his head gets blown off. We cooked up batch of good ol' Bruce Campbell blood made of corn syrup and food coloring.

One of the most painful looking stunts had to be the "Drag". I don't think I ever want to be pull across the desert by a car. That stuntman had so much padding and the drag ripped it all off. Ouch!

We had other stunts as well. Fights, falls, and lots more air ramps.

The whole day was a blast. And we had the best crew.

This was a great movie making experience. I can't wait to try it again. It is a good thing I got all of their business cards. I always wanted to be a film maker. Let's begin!

Things I learned:

Movie sets are fun!

Air ramps are very dangerous, even more so when they don't work

Even with plenty of 60+ spf sunscreen you will still get sunburnt in the desert

Stuntees are tough!

The thing used to shoot blood at someone is called a guacamole gun

Fake blood is sticky and doesn't come off very easy

Lather your body with hair conditioner before lighting yourself on fire

Grips are lazy!

Clothes can be ripped off instantly

There is more than one way to pronounce "backpack"


Free Gas???

Dear Cousin Gobo,

I ask you....is it really worth it?

Earlier this week I was at a very pointless event that proves my statement about a person can be very smart but people are stupid as hell. A local radio station along with a new local wireless phone provider gave away $10,000 in free gas to anyone who could get there in time.

So naturally, my tv station went apeshit over this. I was out there all day talking to idoits who were waiting in line (in their cars running) since 7 a.m. for what? $40 bucks in free gas?

Oh did I tell you that they started giving gas away at 5 p.m. Good for those idoits. They got free gas.....Woo Hoo.

Oh yeah, so there was a cutoff point, right. Only $10, 000 worth right, and only 20 gallons per car. If you do some quick basic math, you know that only about 130 to 150 cars at most would get the free gas. Can you guess how many people showed up?

F'n thousands!!!

Thousands of morons cramped their cars onto one intersection causing massive chaos on the roadways. All so they can get some free F'n gas. Let me tell you I saw some crazy ass things too.

This girl being the best one

I saw one woman wait in line for hours so she could get ONLY 5 gallons of gas! Come On! $15!

Two cars were pushed into the gas pump. From how far? I don't know.

I saw another woman in a Mercedes get free gas. WTF! You own a Mercedes! I think you should be able to afford gas

There was a man with a mean gold grill giving away free wireless co. pens and t-shirts.

I man in a full head/neck brace complaining about not being about to get out of the libraby's parking cus of traffic. He claimed to be calling an ambulance to pick him up to go get his drugs at the hospital.....very smart!

Alot of dumbasses causing traffic accidents because they didn't see the huge crowd of parked cars.

In all I have to still ask....Was it really worth it? How long will that gas last? Not long in this city. The problem is not the price of gas, but rather why IS IT that price of gas. Many believe that there is something that can be done to reduce the rising prices. I don't see it happening.

So until it actually does, we all will be seeing more of these stupid promotions causing stupid people to leave there homes to get something they will waste for free.


Hobby or Future Endeavor

Dear Cousin Gobo,

Saying that I have been busy doesn't even touch the subject. What started as something to do during my free time has turned into another time consuming job. If I had known going into this new endeavor that it would eliminate my late night tv watching not to mention my precious weekends., I would have probably act lazy and say "screw it".

Now that I am done complaining, the truth is... it is really fun. I bought a new camera not too long ago, and I decided to put it to a little use. It started by taking some pictures for a freind...and then another friend... and then those friends told some others. Now I am getting new clients pretty much daily. I love the feeling of new creativity, and the slight feeling that I'm my own boss. Hopefully with a little luck that day will come very soon.

In the meantime here are a few Travelin orginals


Day of Non-Existence

Dear Cousin Gobo,

When the unusual happens can you feel it. I believe so. Today for me, yesterday for you, was like any other day yet it felt alittle odd. Although, I couldn't figure out why. Maybe it was the air. Or it could be the water. Something was amiss. So I decided to take photos to document, and I discovered something surprising.

Look at this picture

Did you notice anything? It is completely out of focus and I have no idea what it is of.

Also look at this one.

Can you tell what is going one here? Wait......I just figured it out. I know why the first photo is out of focus and why this one is way over exposed.

They don't exist!

Now stay with me. It is like when people get photographic proof of ufo's, ghosts, or bigfoot. There is no way that those pictures are real. They are either a hoax or some form of trick photography.

More examples

Look here! This restaurant has no customers. They don't exist!

Check out the guest parking. Do you notice something? Where is the building? It doesn't exist!

Now do you see this homeless man? Where is his home? I don't know either. It must not exist!

Finally, this was a hard one to confirm, but I know the answer. That girl. She doesn't exist! (either does her phone number) Although the tea does, which was weird .......because who made it?

Conclusion, all the events of the day never existed. Why? Well later I found out the date. It was Leap year. How come the 29th of February only appears once every four years? Where does it go the other three years? It is a time paradox.