To Be Interupted....

What is the point?! I know I never finished my story of the previous blog. Maybe I'll get to to it later. Who is reading this shit anyways?!

I'm tired of all of it. I need a break! I don't want any of it to continue....but we all know it has to. Today is like a bad ending to the first episode of a two-parter. You've watched the whole show...hoping for a resolution, but NO you get the damn "to be continued" font at the end.

So now I have to wait. Wait for the exciting conclusion of my madness. Why can't people just be happy? It seems simple enough.

Look at this guy!

I met this man tonight. He is happy. He is building his own damn plane in his garage for Christ sake! Only thing he wants is to be able to build an airplane that will fly him and his to unknown destinations.

He has a purpose! He knows where the next few years of his life are heading. I don't know where the next few weeks are going.

I want to so much tell you all what the hell is going on with me, but for the protection of a few I continually resist. Would it really be that bad if I told? I think I could live with myself. I'm selfish as it is. What is destroying this one more thing?

Everyone should be happy! So how come we are all miserable. Look at it like this. You know the things that make you happy, and you know the things and make you unhappy. Is it really that hard? Why do we all continue to pick the unhappy things?!!!!!

Go write your novel! Go play/sing your song! Go build your plane!

That's it!. I have to do it. I have to tell the world. There is no other option.

This is what is happening.

I am...............................................................