End of Days

I can't believe it. Two days of snow in the desert.
Today was the worst. The storm hit us hard.Our valley didn't know to do. There were road closures. The airport was shut down. Schools will be closed. And I was snowed in.
I had to alert the public of the interstate to California being closed, and that means I get to spend the night in Jean. Yay! with live shots for the morning show. Double yay!



Snow?! In Vegas?!

It is actually snowing....in the desert. I never thought I would witness this. Just another birthday miracle. I wonder what other miraculous things I will see today?


A Very Happy Birthday

Today was a great day! Normally I can't imagine any of my birthdays getting any better than the last, but they always surprise me. Not only did I receive awesome gifts from all my friends, I was giving the keys to a brand new work vehicle. It is sweet!

The weekend has just begun. Stay on the lookout for the full report very soon.


A Festivus for the Rest of Us!

I've been talking about it for years, and I believe that with the current state of our economy now is the time for me to make the transition.

From this day forward I will no longer succumb to the pressures of the Christmas holiday. I no longer want to feel the need to purchase items for people who will most likely never use what I gave them. As if it means I do not like/care/love you enough if I don't get you the best possible gift. I do not want to go into crowded stores looking for those gifts that have been sold out for weeks. I hate Black Friday! Did you see someone was trampled in New York state? Someone died! Over a $200 piece of shit laptop! It has to stop! I am done! I'm out!

Bring on Festivus!!

Festiuvs Pole

Check out my Festivus pole. No more cutting down trees for me. This is much better. Durable....reusable....aluminum!

Festiuvs Pole

This is my renouncement of Christmas forever. I am celebrating Festivus for the foreseeable future. As we were growing up, we learned that Christmas was a time for caring and giving. A time for forgetting our worries and enjoying just being alive with friends and family. Every single Christmas movie plays up this theme. Yet no one ever does what we are told or what is seen in movies. Right now, somewhere in America, there are two parents wrestling over the newest must-have toy of the year. They are most likely yelling, calling each other names and being very non-Christmas like. All so little Billy or Sally can have the meaningless toy that will be broken the week after Christmas. There has to be a better way!

Festiuvs Pole

Festivus will fix all of this. The need to buy gifts for every single person you know will no longer be required. Instead you can choose who you want to buy gifts for, if any. No multiple gifts either. One is enough for anyone. If someone gives you something, you have absolutely no obligation to get them something in return.

Along with Festivus comes the "airing of grievances and the "feats of strength". I promise there will be both. The "airing of grievances" allows you to tell anyone what you really think of them, and they can't get mad at you. The "feats of strength" will challenge your physical and mental abilities along as dare you to step out of your shell. You will do things that you may have never dreamed possible.

Let's get this straight though, this is not about being cheap. It is about restoring the true meaning of the Holiday Season. Think back....when was the last Christmas that you didn't feel rushed and pressured to beat an imaginary clock to make your friends and family happy? For you there is

A Festivus for the Rest of Us!