Dear Cousin Gobo,

Being an artist is very tough. You need determination to succeed, and patience through the rough times when you don't succeed.

I've always tried to be an artist myself in my own unique way. I use photography as my art form. I may not be the very best at it, but I consider myself to always be growing. I'm always learning. Most of us have to learn. We are not all born to be artists.

Then there are some who are born to be artists.

I met John Romita Jr. this past weekend. You ask, who is that? Well that is the thing. You wouldn't know about him unless you knew alittle about what he does. He's a famous artist. He's is more than that. He is part of a Legacy. JR JR is the son of John Romita Sr., who along with Stan Lee (and some other great artists) co-created Spider-man and other great Marvel comic characters.

JR JR has drawing comics in his blood. He is truely gifted. Over the years, JR JR has created many infamous characters and stories in the world of comics. He has done Spider-man, Daredevil, Punisher, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man, and the Hulk to just name a few.

He recently created World War Hulk, which he signed my copies for me. Within the next few months he will be returning to Spider-man!

He was really nice. He even made me a quick sketch of my favorite character. You can all guess who it could be.

So as you go see your favorite Super-hero movie this summer, remember that there are true artist behind all these great stories. Be on the lookout for the stories of the future.



El Backpacko

You've seen the production shots. Now watch the movie that is taking the nation by storm.


Holy Stunts!!!

Dear Cousin Gobo,

This past weekend I traveled out to a very isolated dry lake bed hidden far within the Nevada desert.

I went out there, searching for a natural fossils and artifacts. Some water would have been nice too. But I didn't find any of that, instead I discovered something much more intriguing.

I found a movie set. I was great! There were directors, cameras, and actors scattered all over the dry lake bed. The Director yelled into his bullhorn, "Quiet on set" and "Cut-o Cut-o". I think he was foreign.

They were participating in the L.V. 48 Hour Film Festival. It is a contest where you try to make a short film within two days. You're given a line of dialogue and a prop that you must use, and then your team also draws the type of genre for the movie. They drew western.

I was asked to help them out and even play a role in the film.

I played a mean gunslinging hombre named Dirty Sanchez. I had very cool western wardrobe and a fake mustche. In my big scene I was facing off in a shoot out with another actor for the prop that had to be in the movie. We finished shooting the scene and then the film switched gears. That is when I really found out what the movie was all about


We were shooting a stunt movie within a western movie, and we had alot of stunts. Basicly the movie was about one big oaf causing accidents all over the movie set.

We had a stuntman being air ramped into the side of a grip truck. Super cool to watch someone being catapulted through the air and then slamming against a large truck.

We also lit a guy on fire!

This was so damn cool. Have you ever seen a guy running around in a ball of flames? The stuntman's name was R.J. He said that this was the hottest burn he has ever done. The whole thing lasted about 10 seconds. It seemed much longer than that.

We also lit a girls arms on fire.

You can see her arms are wrapped with ice chilled bandages. This helps protect her from the flames. Also we shot blood on her face. She was very hot and I am not talking about the heat from the flames or sun

Speaking of blood. Here is a bloody dead guy. In the movie his head gets blown off. We cooked up batch of good ol' Bruce Campbell blood made of corn syrup and food coloring.

One of the most painful looking stunts had to be the "Drag". I don't think I ever want to be pull across the desert by a car. That stuntman had so much padding and the drag ripped it all off. Ouch!

We had other stunts as well. Fights, falls, and lots more air ramps.

The whole day was a blast. And we had the best crew.

This was a great movie making experience. I can't wait to try it again. It is a good thing I got all of their business cards. I always wanted to be a film maker. Let's begin!

Things I learned:

Movie sets are fun!

Air ramps are very dangerous, even more so when they don't work

Even with plenty of 60+ spf sunscreen you will still get sunburnt in the desert

Stuntees are tough!

The thing used to shoot blood at someone is called a guacamole gun

Fake blood is sticky and doesn't come off very easy

Lather your body with hair conditioner before lighting yourself on fire

Grips are lazy!

Clothes can be ripped off instantly

There is more than one way to pronounce "backpack"