Holy HDTV!!

I am addicted! I can't help myself. Ever since I got a HD television, I can't stop watching the HDTV. Anything on HD is amazing. I find myself watching shows that I never would have watched if it wasn't in HD. The shows on the History Channel, Animal Planet are so cool I will be up all night watching anything that's on those type of channels. Even my favorite shows like Heroes and 24 are so much better. The picture is so clear that you feel like your part of the show.

Although there is a down side to HDTV, you get addicted to shows that are so bad and stupid that they are awfully awesome!

Like this show. Exterminators on A&E is so pointless, but I find myself glued to it. The main characters are great to laugh at, not to mention the situations they get the themselves in and the clients they meet.


Cereal Economy

Anyone who knows me also knows that I love cereal. I can eat it at anytime. There are so many different brands and flavors. The cereal aisle is no doubt my favorite.

So I was in that aisle tonight, just buying some cereal when I noticed something was just not right. You see, my bachelor lifestyle in this recessing economy hasn't really been effected. In fact it actually looks like I am gaining more money these days. Which I'm not. I'm only doing the same thing I have always done, and everyone else is cutting back for many different reasons. It wasn't until tonight that I felt the tighten of the money straps.

When did cereal start costing so much?!? $2.59 for a box of Cocoa Pebbles?! $3 Fruit Loops?!? Lucky Charms $3.20?!? Not to mention that I'm currently on a health kick so I try damn hard not to buy those highly sugar charged cereals. My cereal tonight cost $4!!!! Cereal wasn't that expensive even back last year when gas prices were skyrocketing. And why is skim milk the most expensive?!? What was once something that could be a under $5 treat (including milk), has now been yet another victim of the poor economy.

Ok, I know it really isn't that big of a deal. What is a few more bucks? Well I eat alot of cereal and that could add up. Also I might go back to those sugary cereals if it gets worst, which I guess wouldn't be that bad.

In the end, I'm just sad to see the days of cheap cereal disappear. I guess I could always go to Costco and get giant boxes of cereal, but they are not open at 1 a.m. Oh Well.....


Thunderbirds Hanger!!

This past Monday night I was allowed to go inside the Thunderbirds hanger on Nellis A.F.B.

I was there to cover an Army Reserves Unit returning home from Iraq. I've done that tons of times, but I never thought I'd be in the hanger of the Thunderbirds. I was able to go right up to one of the jets and look at it....but not touch!!!

Not many people are allowed to be in this highly secured air force hanger. I'm surprised they had the return ceremony in it. I've been to Aviation Nation twice and they don't even allow people to go inside the hanger on those days.

You see that cool emblem on the floor. No one is allowed to touch it (except Thunderbird personnel). It is hand waxed twice a day. That's why the velvet ropes are around it. Well that didn't stop a little three year old girl running across it......twice! She was as bored as the rest of us.

The Army unit was suppose to land on base at around 7 p.m. Well they actually didn't show up until about 9:30. It doesn't matter how cool of a place you're located, standing around for two or more hours gets boring fast.

It wasn't all that bad though. They allowed us to go outside of the hanger for a little while to watch all the jets take off for night exercises. Four jets would take off at once right after each other. I'm talking seconds apart. And they would land just as quick. They were super loud too. With the afterburners glowing in the dark, the planes would streak across the runway, jump into the air and disappear out of sight in the matter of seconds.

A few months back a reporter at my station was allowed to go on a ride along with the Thunderbirds. He was able to pull 9 G's! He claimed he had to use two barf bags during the trip. I was extremely envious. I betting I can take 9 G's no problem!