Dear Cousin Gobo,

I know I've been neglecting you lately. I apologize for that. But you don't understand, I have an addiction. No it's not drugs or alcohol. Not steroids or food. It is something that is more powerful and harder to shake that all of those other addictions combined.

You still don't know. Well I guess I have no other choice than to show the bane of my existance.

Look at it! Take a long long look. Soak it up! This is the thing that has consumed my life. I don't sleep. I won't eat ...unless this is in front of my eyes. I'm afraid to be alone in the room with it. It's controlling, demanding, intoxication, and I CAN'T BEAT IT! At least not yet.

Still have no clue what it is?

The Legend of Zelda


The original! The game that brewed my love for all video games. It has been twenty years since this game first came out and still it one of the best I have ever played. You won't find a 5-minute clearing of this game on youtube. It takes hours, days, maybe weeks of game play to finish this classic.

Have I mentioned how awesome the Nintendo Wii is? If it wasn't for the Wii I don't think I would have ever been re-united with my favorite game of all time.

So if I disappear for awhile, just except the fact that I am getting my fix. I'll try and give you a new update soon.

T.C.B., Link!