Flight of the Conchords

"We are so Hard Rock right now. Do you know how I can tell we are so Hard Rock? It is 51 minutes to midnight." - Jemaine Clement

My seats were better than the picture shows. Damn shitty zoom on the phone.

They were funny as shit. One of the best moments was the Freebird Freestyle. Someone in the crowd yelled out "FREEEEEBIRD!". Bret made a comment about not being that kind of band and then they started playing their own version of Freebird. It was awesome!!

They also were great about interacting with the audience. The on going joke for the night was 'how hard rock 'n roll they were being' at the Joint in the Hard Rock casino.

Also the opening comedian Arj Barker was great too. He had a great joke about Kellogg's cereal and Micheal Phelps.


Dios Mio! Hace Caliente!

It is way too early in the year for it to be this hot. Signs point to a very miserable summer


Goodbye History

Today the historic Moulin Rouge Hotel and Casino caught on fire for the second or third time in its fifty year lifespan. For the past few decades or so the building has been empty and not used for anything more than a place for squatters. Hopeful owners wanted to revamp the old West Las Vegas landmark bringing new life to a torn down area. Well that all fell apart today. Firefighters battled the blaze for almost six hours, along the way deciding the best way to prevent more fire outbreak was to tear it down.

I love watching things being destroyed. The crunching noise of the wood. Things flying apart. Glass exploding from the windows. I wonder if the backhoe operator enjoys that part of his/her job. All that is left of the Moulin Rouge now is a pile of burnt, wet rumble.

How convenient that its historic sign was removed last week. Hmmmmm????