Mario's Return

Dear Cousin Gobo,

I admit it. I am an addict. I swear it all happened by accident. I only wanted to try something new. There was no harm in experimentation...is there? But now I can't stop it!

Super Paper Mario is awesome!! I play it all the time. Remember the very first Super Mario Bros for the Original Nintendo? Well this one is a homage to that very beloved game.

You start out as Mario trying to rescue the Princess, who has been kidnapped as usual, and you are running left to right in this 2-D world. I know what you're thinking.......2-D? Isn't this the Wii? Yeah it is! While you're in this 2-D world you can flip the screen to 3-D at anytime! Plus as the game progresses you can switch your character to either the Princess or BOWSER. That's right you can play as BOWSER!! The reason is that this time you are fighting a whole new villian.

Playing this game just brings back all those great childhood memories. Sitting around with my cousin, taking turns at conquering new worlds. It's the best feeling. I loved this game so much that after I returned my rented copy....

I went out and bought my own copy! I just realized! What am I doing wasting good playing time writing this post. I got to get me into some Mario!
T.C.B, Baby