All These Things That I've Done....

Ok, so a lot has being going on, but like you would know any of that. Where have you been?
I know where I've been. Watching the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, that's where.

First, the other day I got my visitor's visa for my trip to Australia. This is quite exciting! I can hardly wait to go. I also found out something really cool about the visa. It is good for a year, and within that year I can go to Australia multiple times, each time I'm able to stay there for three months. So I believe that I will attempt to return to Australia a few times this year. That is of course if I don't just decide to stay there.

Second, for all YouTwitFaces out there, I've finally joined Twitter. Yes, yes, I'm one of those people now. I didn't really want to do it. I already have Myspace and Facebook. I don't even check the Myspace that often anymore. Do I really need another social networking website? I think NO. BUT..... a friend of mine has been trying to convince me to sign up and go tweet crazy. He kept saying that I am funny and I have entertaining observations. I kept telling him that I am only funny when I'm not trying to be. I can't be funny when I actually try. In the end I caved. So now you can look to your right and see a few of my tweets. Follow me....I guess. I don't see how my stupid remarks can be interesting. Who is going to read my Twitter? No one ever reads this shit! The rest of you, Go nuts!!!

That said, I've found out that my station views this as the future of media coverage. They are encouraging every employee to start their own YouTwitFace sites. They are even considering buying the all field crews new iPhones to do so. In the future we all will have to upload videos, pics, and tweets about all the breaking news. Hey, free iPhone! That's cool with me!

Third, in an effort to save as much money possible for my trip, I have been working a lot. It seems like between working all day, being on call, picking up still photography jobs, and watching the new Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (DVR'd everynight), I never have any spare time. No hanging with friends. No baseball games. No bar stops. No working on the music. I haven't played with the "band" in a few months. So to curb this fun slump, I've been playing games at work, and I think my craziness is infecting others. Today my friend and KLAS reporter Amanda invented a brand new news based game. Lately we been having a lot of weird breaking news topics, and with only one nightside crew (due to personnel issues) to cover the topics, we needed a way to decide which topic to pick. So we invented what we've coined Weather, Government, Dead Baby.

It is much like Rock, Paper, Scissors, and I think this can be applied to every news market. It is well stated that most people tune into the news for the weather, so when unusual weather occurs it becomes the top story. This is unless there is a good political scandal (i.e. Senator's affair), people love to bitch about the failures of their elected officials. Then what trumps it all... a dead baby found in a dumpster. This can result in weeks and weeks of follow-up stories. Of course this can all be forgotten once a good hurricane or other natural disaster comes down the road. Best two out of three wins, and the cycle continues.

Damnit, I'm missing some of Conan being funny, and my cereal is soggy. I blame you!


Friday Night Live

Summer in the L.V. is full of entertainment. Every Friday night throughout the summer there is a free concert and an open bar at the Hard Rock pool. The acts are very hit and miss. The last time I went to one of these performances was almost two years ago. My work schedule conflicts with the concerts.

This week Nico Vega as on stage.

They absolutely rocked the water out of the pool. Aja, the lead singer, was awesome! She is super hot too. I think I've found my future ex-wife. She had so much energy, and her voice was so explosive. It was amazing how they had so much range with a guitar, drums and her voice. If you haven't heard them, pick up the album today!

Oh yeah, Gavin Rossdale was the main act

At first, Gavin sucked it up. He came out and drained all the energy Nico Vega had created. I was not impressed, until.......

He played some Bush songs! Machinehead was like the fourth or fifth song in the set, and after that the concert kicked ass. Then in the middle he did a version of Landslide, Fucking great!!!
He played some more Bush favorites. Everything Zen, The Chemicals Between Us, Glycerine, Comedown.....all awesome!! He played Glycerine solo, and closed the night with Comedown. I felt like I was 15 and in high school all over again. I remember back then how much I wanted to be just like him. I practiced Glycerine for hours and hours. Now I look back at how easy that song is to play. I guess that's practice for you?!?!

It was a wonderful night! Gavin played for almost two hours, and Nico Vega was kick ass. I am glad I had their album before I saw them. It made the concert much more enjoyable. All for free too. "You can't beet that!"