Today is my 30th Birthday....what?...yea, yea, I know, I promised you stories about Australia. Well does anyone even read this?! I've been busy, alright! Plus I haven't heard any complaints or whispers of excitement over lack of new blogs. So Stuff You!!!

Anyways, today is my 30th Birthday. It is weird to think that I've been alive for three decades. Back when I was a teenager this mark seemed so far away and unreachable. I am no more adult-like today than I was back then. Yeah, I have bills and responsibilities, but nothing major. I have friends who are married and are starting families. They have mortgages and college investment plans. They have family vans and car seats. I see soccer practices, first days of school, and graduations in their future. And I. I have no plan. I am not a planner. I am free. I'm a doer. I just do things. My future is wide open.

Which brings me to my point. I am finally at the point in my life where I can do whatever I want. I have a great job. I make excellent money. Plus I have nothing tying me down. Going to Australia alone this pass year has opened up my eyes to a whole world of new possible adventures. I just have to do it, and you know I will. So as the next year of my life starts, I know you won't be surprised when you hear about my new adventures. I don't know what will happen just yet, but I know it will always make my life feel interesting.

As for the Australia stories, I will trying to get the ball rolling on that again, but I promise nothing!

Happy Birthday to me!!