G'day Mates!

I know you all are eager to hear and see all the cool adventures I've been doing, but I can only promise to blog and post photos once I return. For those who haven't been following my random tweets or facebook posts, Australia is awesome! I really haven't been here that long and I feel like I have a lifetime of experiences. Sydney is an amazing city! I feel like I've only seen a small portion of it. My first two days I walked more than I ever believed I would. My legs are sore and tired. I saw all the tourist sites on my first day, and yesterday I went to the zoo. It was the coolest zoo I've ever been to. They let you roam free and even touch some of the in-famous Aussie wildlife. I touched a wallaby and took my picture with a koala and her joey. That was the best part of my trip so far.

Tomorrow I head north to Cairns for some snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef and some more exciting stuff too. Be on the look out for more experiences!