Go BIG SKY or Go Home!

Dear Cousin Gobo,

I've recently returned from one of my greatest adventures to date. I grew tired of the desert, and I needed to get away. I needed the polar opposite of this dry dusty climate.

I needed BIG SKY Country!

I returned to the homeland, but only for a short period, and I wanted snow. Boy, did I get it. A storm hit as soon as I got there. The air was cold. The sky was gray. And the flakes feel continuously. I did the only thing I could when this snow falls this furiously.

I shredded it!

I haven't seen this much powder in decades. It was like the snow gods knew I only had one chance at hitting this, so they made it worth my soul. It was perfect. The vacation I needed. I got to go back to small town living. Left my worries on the mountain. Just me and the white gold.

After three straight days, my muscles ached.....my mind cleared.....my battery recharged. It is time to start my quest for greatest. I got alot of things planned for the next coming month's. Hopefully with minimal distractions, and not too many surprises, this year will turn out to be legendary.



A Look Back

Dear Cousin Gobo,

Okay, so a lot has happened over the past month, yet you don't know any of it. I wanted to tell you about everything but I just got caught up with other activities. As the new year begins, I vow to keep you more informed. To start it out, here is a peek of all the stories I neglected to tell you. I can only hope that this will stimulate your interest for future posts. Mostly likely I forget about you again. What can I say? Sometimes I am just a jerk.

The past year was great. I know this new one will continue to rock. Cheers!