Day of Non-Existence

Dear Cousin Gobo,

When the unusual happens can you feel it. I believe so. Today for me, yesterday for you, was like any other day yet it felt alittle odd. Although, I couldn't figure out why. Maybe it was the air. Or it could be the water. Something was amiss. So I decided to take photos to document, and I discovered something surprising.

Look at this picture

Did you notice anything? It is completely out of focus and I have no idea what it is of.

Also look at this one.

Can you tell what is going one here? Wait......I just figured it out. I know why the first photo is out of focus and why this one is way over exposed.

They don't exist!

Now stay with me. It is like when people get photographic proof of ufo's, ghosts, or bigfoot. There is no way that those pictures are real. They are either a hoax or some form of trick photography.

More examples

Look here! This restaurant has no customers. They don't exist!

Check out the guest parking. Do you notice something? Where is the building? It doesn't exist!

Now do you see this homeless man? Where is his home? I don't know either. It must not exist!

Finally, this was a hard one to confirm, but I know the answer. That girl. She doesn't exist! (either does her phone number) Although the tea does, which was weird .......because who made it?

Conclusion, all the events of the day never existed. Why? Well later I found out the date. It was Leap year. How come the 29th of February only appears once every four years? Where does it go the other three years? It is a time paradox.