Come Fly with Me

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Dear Cousin Gobo,

This morning I decided to look at Outerspace in a new perspective. Have you ever wondered what things looks like if you were floating above it all? Today I found out, I went flying.

It was early in the morning, way before the yellow Sun ever rises from the distant mountains. I jumped inside a machine known as "the Helo" which is made of a two person cabin, a large rotating blade on the top and a smaller blade attacted to its tail. As you know there are all types a interesting machines in Outerspace, this is just one of the few that can lift you right off the ground.

In the air everything looks much smaller, sorta like a Doozer village, only more spread out. It is also much easier to map out the area when you can see farther into the distance.

We were up in the air for about an hour or so, when it started raining. This isn't the first time I saw rain. Yes indeed, it is rare here. Most of the time the sun is blazing down making it hot. You remember rain, don't you? It is when water falls from the sky in large droplets, like in the radish garden. I also saw the strange phenomena known as a "rain-bow." You might also remember this from the radish garden. It was the bright colorful arc that appears overhead at times. It is said if you follow the rain-bow to it's end you will recieve a large cauldron of treasure. I once believed this myth, but today I saw the real truth. The rain-bow is nothing more than an illusion. The rain-bow I saw today was not in an arc, rather it was a complete circle.

Somehow the Sun can make the rain-bow appear when it rains, depending on your position you will only see at most times half an arc. If you are high enough above the ground, and at the the focal point of the Sun's rays, you can see the entire circle. It is much like a lens glares you see in your spyglass.

Until nextt time cousin,

Travelin' Miles