Taster's Choice

Yet another reason to just love living in the L.V.

Lee's Discount Liquor is like the Wal-mart of liquor stores. You can find anything (alcoholic) that you can imagine in this store. Fine wines, rare mircobrews, unique distills.....I'm telling you anything.

Also there is a greatest thing that you can have at any store, the tasting station!!! If you go into a Lee's mid afternoon on a weekend night, you can get FREE samples of new unique alcohols. Tonight was one such night. We walked straight up, were offered free samples, and enjoyed the delicious beverages. Also we were never asked to show I.D., yet at the checkout they make sure to card you.

Now I am plenty old enough to purchase alcohol, so there is no worries there. I just thought it was cool to be able to taste before I buy the beverages. Best idea ever!

Tonight's samples.....new premixed vodkas in mojito and pomegranate flavors, also the new Obsello absinthe (yes, it is now legal to have in the U.S.). I was guaranteed by the cute absinthe serving girl that this brand is the real deal with the real wormwood ingredient. It tasted great...sorta like black licorice.



The streak is over!

Everyone knows I like to brag about myself. I believe I have many abilities that I feel others do not possess. One of them being that I am a perfect driver. I always point and laugh at those of my friends who get speeding tickets and other traffic violations. "Ha ha ha, you moron you can't obey the rules of the road you deserve your punishment" Well....... I will no more.

Recently I was pulled over for making an illegal U-turn. What?! In all my years of driving , which spans more than a decade, I've never received a ticket of any kind. Now I'm going to watch my streak be destroyed?!

Also with all the near "illegal" shit that I can partake here in the desert, you're telling me that I'm going to get nicked by a U-turn?!

So at first I was just going to pay the $170 violation and have it disappear from my life, but then I thought about you....my readers.....all three of you. It might be a fun adventure to go to traffic court and see what happens. If it is anything like that old show Night Court, then I'm sure to be in for some laughs.

Stay tuned. I need to get this blog some more traffic! HA!


The Port of Sub Challenge

Ok, so I frequent this sandwich shop know as Port of Subs. I've been going to their many locations around the desert valley for more than two years, and ever time I order the same sandwich. The #5, smoked ham, and turkey with smokey chedder, it is delicious! I order this sandwich so much that at the location nearest to my home, I don't even have to order. The sandwich makers already know what I want. Then one day I thought 'this is no way to live'. I should try all the sandwiches. Nay! I should try the entire menu!

So I devised a plan to tryout every single item on the menu. Whether it be a sandwich or wrap... a hot soup, or zesty salad, I'm trying it all. Another thing I decided to do was blog about all of it.

At first I was going to go with making a new post for every sandwich, but then I thought that may get a bit boring after awhile. Instead I decided to periodically blog about highlights and disappointments (if any) I have with the choices. There is another thing. I've already started. I've eaten three different subs. I just going right down the menu starting with #1.

So far here is the assessment:

#1 Ham-Salami-Capicolla-Pepperoni-Provolone (pictured above): I liked it. The capicolla and pepperoni gives the sandwich a kick. It goes great with the Cracked Pepper Port of Subs potato chips. (I'm going to try all their chip flavors also)

#2 Ham-Turkey-Provolone : Sorta plain jane. Not much to talk about, maybe if there was a different cheese added. The barbeque chips were not bad though.

#3 Salami-Turkey-Provolone : I ate this sandwich today. Also sorta plain. The salami makes the sandwich better, but I think there needs to be a change at the cheese level. A lot of their sandwiches have provolone. Man, this is going to be rough. Advisory: Did not like the Tangy Dill flavored chips. Bleack!!!

I hope that this little experiment will yield a grater variety when I visit the sub store. Sometimes they have speical sandwiches that I will brake in to tryout. LIke right now they are serving the Pilgram. I've tried it before, but it holds nothing to "the Bobbie" over at Capriotti's

Different sandwich shop.....different mission. Stay tuned!