I Hate the Heat!!

This week has been awful! The temperature has risen well over 100 degrees all week long. One day it reached up to 115 degrees! I didn't want to go outside let alone shoot any photographs.  Sure I could have taken the easy way out and stayed inside, taking photos of A/C units of something stupid like that.

Nah! I wanted to do something related to the heat and the sun. I wanted to you to feel my pain. Only problem is that it is damn hard to photograph heat. So here are my photos of HEAT WEEK!!! (catchphrase pending)

8.21 - Hot Bright Sun
8.22 - Evening Pool
8.23 - Heat Supplies
8.24 - Set Already Damn You!
8.25 - Long Shadows
8.26 - The Melting

Also go check out more of my photos posted on my Flickr site. There are a lot of great Yellowstone photos to view!!


Yellowstone Trip and Such

Man, I posted my photos were up pretty much everywhere else, and almost forgot about posting right here. I know, I know...you say I ALWAYS forget, but I am going to really try and change that very soon.

In the mean time check out a few photos from my trip to Montana and Yellowstone right now. To see more click on a post and browse around, or go here

Hot Spring Pool
8.4 - The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River
Bison Head
Silex Spring
7.31 - Butte, America