Earth Hour

The lights on the Las Vegas Strip were turned off for a hour last night. All the major casinos took part in Eath Hour. It was very eerie seeing no lights on the Strip.

Strip no lights

Usually the Strip is so bright that it burns out your retinas. As you can see, all the major casinos just don't look the same without their neon glow.

MGM off

Where is the green of MGM Grand?

NY NY lights out

And the bright skyline of the New York New York?

I'm unsure what amount of good came from Earth Hour. I personally did not see any significant change to the Strip other than it being darker. I did see a one hippie gathering which I haven't seen since my days in Oregon.

You can see a few more Earth Hour photos on my flickr


Electric Future

One day I saw this car parked outside my favorite coffee house.

Electric Car

It looks very European with only three wheels.

Solar Panel

It can be charged by its solar panel or it can be pugged into the wall outlet

100% Electric

This is the first registered electric car in Nevada. Soon a company is planning on installing charging parking spots for those who have electric cars. The future is happening now. It won't be long until everyone has an electric car. Then Mr. Fusion will be created.