Went to the Moon!!

A few days ago I was lucky enough to meet three NASA astronauts whom all went to the Moon.

10.21 - Moonsuit
Now a lot of people forget that NASA sent multiple missions to the Moon. Skeptics like to spin conspiracy theories concerning the first Moon landing, suggesting that historic moment never happen and was in fact faked. So let's just give them a inch on that and look at it as there was a conspiracy. If the first Moon landing was faked then all the other Moon landings/walks would also be faked. That would also mean that not only were the first crew, but all the crews that went to the Moon are in on the conspiracy. That is hundreds of people involved in these NASA programs over the course of two decades. After meeting three official NASA astronauts, now in their elderly years, I find that very hard to believe.

These three men had amazing detailed stories about their experiences going to the Moon. Their stories were not scripted. They came from emotional memories. Not only did these men have stories about their Moon missions; they also talked about how the Space Program paved the way of our modern day life. Everyday we neglect to recognize all the products that NASA created for the space voyages that we use commonly today. The Astronauts told how velcro was invented to hold objects in place while in zero gravity. Would we have cellphones if there wasn't a need to stay in contact with a spacecraft that was landing on the Moon? Scratch proof plastic was used for astronauts helmets, and we use it for eyeglasses. Each smartphone in a person pocket has more computing power than the first spacecraft. Would laptops, smartphones, or tablets even exist without the need for spacecrafts to jam electronics in the smallest area possible?

Think what you wish about the Moon landings. Is it is conspiracy? I don't believe so. There are too many loose ends to tighten up to make the conspiracy real. The three astronauts I meet would not be doing appearances decades later. Surely someone would slip up by now. Regardless, the stories and documentation these astronauts had was spectacular, and I bet you wished you had the same opportunity I had.

Sorry, you didn't!


PJ20 Kicks and More..

I finally ordered my new pair of PJ20 Vans.

9.29 - PJ Kicks

I really like the Flannel sides. Takes me back to the 90's when I used to run home from Catholic High School to throw on my worn out flannel shirts...even on the hottest of days.

 I can't wait for the PJ20 Blu ray to be delivered. No viewing in LV! Hopefully Pearl Jam goes on tour in the U.S. within the next year, so I can wear them to the concerts.

I also started to workout hardcore for the first time in my life. So naturally I had to purchase some BEEFCAKE!!

9.26 - BEEFCAKE!!

I am totally getting yoked!!

So go check out some more of my pics on Flickr

I would write more, but I'm in the middle of trying to figure out how Google Music Beta works. So I am leaving you with....BEEFCAKE!!!


I Hate the Heat!!

This week has been awful! The temperature has risen well over 100 degrees all week long. One day it reached up to 115 degrees! I didn't want to go outside let alone shoot any photographs.  Sure I could have taken the easy way out and stayed inside, taking photos of A/C units of something stupid like that.

Nah! I wanted to do something related to the heat and the sun. I wanted to you to feel my pain. Only problem is that it is damn hard to photograph heat. So here are my photos of HEAT WEEK!!! (catchphrase pending)

8.21 - Hot Bright Sun
8.22 - Evening Pool
8.23 - Heat Supplies
8.24 - Set Already Damn You!
8.25 - Long Shadows
8.26 - The Melting

Also go check out more of my photos posted on my Flickr site. There are a lot of great Yellowstone photos to view!!


Yellowstone Trip and Such

Man, I posted my photos were up pretty much everywhere else, and almost forgot about posting right here. I know, I know...you say I ALWAYS forget, but I am going to really try and change that very soon.

In the mean time check out a few photos from my trip to Montana and Yellowstone right now. To see more click on a post and browse around, or go here

Hot Spring Pool
8.4 - The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River
Bison Head
Silex Spring
7.31 - Butte, America


It's been too long

I know I haven't posted anything in a long time. I can't help it that I am always busy. The one thing I have been keeping up with is my photo a day project. I haven't missed a day this entire year....so far. I may have not been posting the pictures here, but I have been posting them all on my Flickr site.

Here is a recent addition.

7.27 - Over the Hump...

So as you look through all my photos in the following days, you may notice that the posting are not being updated. I assure you that I will not be missing any of these dates. I am just on vacation and I should have plenty of photos to share once I return.

Check back in after August 8th to see some exciting new Photos a Days!!


The Rapture and such

Doomsday prophet, followers ‘flabbergasted’ world didn’t end - Yahoo! News

So here is an article about how "The Predictor" of the end of the world has no words for him and his 200 millions followers now that the Rapture didn't come on this past Saturday. This is ridiculous. Some of these "true believers" wasted their money and racked up credit card bills hoping the Rapture will wipe it all away.

How stupid are these idiots?!

They are actually disappointed that nothing happened. Why is it that people are so damn eager to meet up with God? Maybe God doesn't want to meet you! Ever think of that?

I don't believe nor practice in any religion. I grew up Catholic and all I really got out of it was that we as people better obey God or else. Or else what? Exactly!

So the Rapture didn't come. Big deal. I'll tell you what really did happen. All the "true believers" made such a grand spectacle out of this that we all laughed at you. Now we are laughing even harder, because you wasted you one shot at being credible.

I may not follow any one religion, but I do believe that there is a greater power that caused life to start. Is is God? I doubt it. The Universe is too massive for us humans to be the only existing life. Why do we want to feel special and be the center of the Universe? Isn't it just ok to live life at best you can without worrying about braking any of "God's rules"?

So to all those Rapture "true believers", there is only a 2% difference between humans and chimpanzees, and right now I think the chimpanzees look smarter than you.

Enjoy you credit debt!

Lazy Sunday

5.22 - Lazy Sunday | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

New photo of the Day

Also I'm testing the Blog This extension on Google Chrome


Five Years....Already?!

"A little bit of this town goes a very long way. After five days in Vegas you feel like you've been here for five years." - Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

If that is so, then what does five years feel like? By doing a simple correlation the answer would be five decades, but I think Vegas has a plateau. I'm sure if anyone came to Vegas with the mindset to attempt the recreation Dr. Thompson's experience that they would feel this city hit them back hard on the chin. Excess is everywhere in this town. It is the force that drives it. You come to Vegas intending on consuming as much of the excess as possible, and you expect to be leaving in worst condition. The town doesn't want visitors to stay long. If you stay too long eventually you become what is known as a local.

local - n: a person who lives in a tourism driven town or city knowing all about the activities offered to tourists but rarely part-takes in these activities themselves.

I will admit when I first moved to Las Vegas I part-took in all that this city has to offer. For the first two years I discovered how to get around all the tourist traps to gain entrance to all the high demand events and clubs that only can be glorified in Hollywood movies. I discovered a network of lounges that would have roaming open bars everyday of the week. I found out that a silver tongue and determination can gain you front of the line status and access to any  popular club on the Strip. I learned how to make friends with the DJ's and entertainers so that I didn't have to pay cover charges. I discovered that a professional camera and the line, "I'm here to shoot the band" will get you into exclusive pool parties with free rock concerts. I've been thrown (literally) out of strip clubs. More people know my name than I can count, yet I can't recall who they are. I've seen the sunrise from an all nighter way too many times (sometimes multiple days of the week.). Finally, I grew tired of it all.

I indulged in all the excess that this city gives out for free, and I learned that there is a limit. There is indeed a plateau. Soon all the events and parties start becoming the same old shit with the same shitty people. I began going out less and less until I stopped all together. All these tricks and tips that I learned can't be accomplished on a weekend gateway to Vegas. Only a someone who lives here can learn them, thus continually be transformed into a local. Now I see the city for what it really is. The curtain has been lifted. The glass has shattered. I dislike going to the Strip. I dislike the tourists. The only reason I would ever what to go the iconic Las Vegas Strip is to see the final days of a closing legendary casino/hotel.

Although this all seems very negative, there is a shimmer in the darkness. I see now what Las Vegas means to me. There is more to this place than casinos and partying. There's friends and neighbors. Plenty of activities to do other than gambling including lots of outdoor recreation. It is official. This place has become my home.

Here are some stories and tidbits that I picked up over the years about how living in Las Vegas is much much different from any other place. You may be surprise to know a few of these.

It may be hard for you to believe that Las Vegas has more weather conditions than hot and sunny. We get rain and snow on occasion. It is in fact raining today. Plus it is windy a lot of the time. For some reason it is always the windiest during live shots. I hate it.

Yes it is true this is a 24 hour town. Everything and anything is accessible at any time of the day. Tell me of any other place you can go bowling or to a new movie release at 3 a.m.

You'd be amazed how many times we are meeting people at a local bar in the middle of the day to do an interview for the news. My favorite was when we were knocking on doors in one reasonably nice neighborhood asking if anyone knew a certain elderly man whom has just found dead. These kids ran up to us and told us that their mother knew the man. She would definitely talk to us if we drove over the bar she was at hanging with some friends. It was 6 p.m. Oh, of course we drove over there to get the interview.

Most likely either you know yourself or know someone who knows a stripper.

Casino losses is a bad thing while casino implosions are a good thing.

Flying out of Vegas is great. Flights are non-stop to pretty much everywhere. Flying back to Vegas sucks. Mainly because everyone the flight wants to get sloppy drunk before they start their vacation while you have to return to work tomorrow. I get it you are excited, but please wait until we land so I don't have to hear your slurring demands to the flight attendants.

Mormonism is arguably the most popular religion. No joke

On the other hand you could also meet someone and they introduced themselves like this, "Hi, nice to meet you. This is my wife and these are my children. Oh, and this is my girlfriend." and no one thinks anything strange about this.

Oh Yeah "it's only a dry heat." Well I suggest to go over to your oven turn it on to 120 degrees and stand directly in front of it for 30 minutes.



Earth Hour and Such

3.26 - Earth Hour

It was Earth Hour, and Las Vegas decided to turn all the lights out on the world famous LV Strip for entire hour. It was eerily dark. Even the Fabulous LV sign was turned off. It was all done to promote conservation or something....hrmm

3.26 - Earth Hour

3.27 - Flores de La Primavera

Also spring is here so that means flowers are in the photographic season

3.27 - Flores de La Primavera



3.19 Supermoon cometh.

All over the world it was prophesied to wreaked havoc everywhere all in one night. In the desert, as sunset was emanate, the sky was blanketed with clouds blocking all the evilness that awaited the night. The chaos built as the night began. Up was Down. High tide was Low. Cats were sleeping with dogs. Then it all stopped. Supermoon arose. It split the clouds apart and showed us all its real power. The power of Good. All chaos was reversed. All was well within the world. Thank You Supermoon

3.19 - Supermoon


Sickness Recap

I've been sick the past few days, yet I was able to take at least a photo a day. I was at home all day for two out of three and no I didn't want to move even to upload these photos. Enjoy

3.16 - Illness Diet

3.16 -  Illness Diet

3.17 - St. Patrick's Day

3.17 - St. Patricks Day

3.18 - Sobriety Checkpoint
I tried to go back to work on Friday. I was well enough, no longer contagious, but I should have stayed home. I was very lethargic.

3.18 - Sobriety Checkpoint


Too Many Stories

A Day, A Photo

3.13 - Tires

I had to buy a set of new tires for my car. They were almost ready to tear apart.

3.13 - Tires

3.12 - The Strokes

I got tickets to see The Strokes, a band I have been a fan for ten years or so. I may not be the biggest fan, but a fan none the least. Now the seats I got were the worst possible you could get. I didn't even bother to take a photo of those shitty seats, but I was not going to be denied. My friend Keng and I found a way to sneak down to the floor, and we never looked back. Sometimes you have to take risks to really live life.


3.11 - Going Dark

This May the world historic Sahara casino will be closing its doors and this famous sign will be turned off.

3.11 - Going Dark

3.10 - Looking Thru

Leaving the door open means a photojournalist can see straight through your house from the sidewalk. BAM!! 1st Amendment!!

3.10 - Looking Thru


Glitz & Glam

2.24 - A Day, A Photo

Come and see the glitz and glam of the Fabulous Las Vegas = translation - blinking lights

2.24 - Glitz & Glam


More Pics of the Days

A Day, A Photo

2.22 - Lab Fieldtrip

I was granted access to LVMPD forensic lab for a story about new ways to detect illegal drugs. Super cool!!

2.22 - Lab Fieldtrip

2.21 - Within the Box

TV can be fun....sometimes

2.21 - Within the Box

2.20 - Spring Arrives....early

Spring is already here in the L.V.

2.20 - Spring Arrives...early



2.19 - A Day, A Photo

So I have a giant pile of unread comics that seems like I can't make even a small dent into the lot. The harder I try the larger it gets. I guess that is what makes a collection

2.19 - Backlog


Another 4 day Catch-up

New A Day, A Photo X 4

2.18 - Friends with Words

Board games are Dead!
2.16 - Friends with Words

2.17 - Pot Bust

Huge Pot Bust accomplished by Las Vegas Metro Police. Check out all this pot making junk.
2.17 - Pot Bust

Metro found and removed 40 pounds of illegally grown Marijuana
2.17 - Pot Bust.2

2.16 - Windy Night

I noticed I shoot a lot of pictures at night
2.16 - Windy Night

2.15 - Moonlight Live

Simple yet cool
2.15 - Moonlight Live


Photo Time Catch-up

I've been slacking. So here is A Week, A Photos!!

2.14 - Ice - Yup, that's about it. Ice

2.14 - Ice

2.13 - New Bike - Look at my new obsession. Bike riding!!

2.13 - New Bike

2.12 - iFamily - Look close at this one. What can you tell me about it?

2.12 - iFamily

2.11 - Rugby - USA Sevens returns to L.V. I only saw this prep match, didn't make it out to the international matches. Bummer!!

2.11 - Rugby

2.10 - Light Speed - Sometimes you just need to keep that shutter open

2.10 - Light Speed


Slider Truck Windowlove

2.9 - A Day, A Photo

Slider truck Windowlove

Food trucks are not new by any means, but Slidin' Thru started a new wave of food trucks that operate in the L.V.

They serve gourmet burger and pork sliders, and they used social media to spread the word about their food and where they would be posted. Over the past few months other trucks like Slidin' Thru have begun driving around serving more gourmet food. It is the newest craze.

Come get Some!!! Windowlove!!


3 Day Catch-up

2.5 - Sunfire Fixed

I just got my car back from the body shop

2.5 - Sunfire Fixed

It was hit by another car two weeks ago while it was parked in a grocery store parking lot.

At first I wasn't too pissed about it. I was just a minor dent and some scraped paint. Then I started to think about it as I a paying my $500 deductible. Some Asshole hit my car while it was parked and they bloody well knew it. Then the Shithead decided to run off without leave any contact information. Bullshit!!

2.4 - Take Off

Chopper 8 takes off from the Helo pad at the station.

2.4 - Take Off

2.3 - Friendly?

Drivers in the L.V. are not even close to friendly nor courteous. See above article


What to you see? What do you say?