Free Gas???

Dear Cousin Gobo,

I ask you....is it really worth it?

Earlier this week I was at a very pointless event that proves my statement about a person can be very smart but people are stupid as hell. A local radio station along with a new local wireless phone provider gave away $10,000 in free gas to anyone who could get there in time.

So naturally, my tv station went apeshit over this. I was out there all day talking to idoits who were waiting in line (in their cars running) since 7 a.m. for what? $40 bucks in free gas?

Oh did I tell you that they started giving gas away at 5 p.m. Good for those idoits. They got free gas.....Woo Hoo.

Oh yeah, so there was a cutoff point, right. Only $10, 000 worth right, and only 20 gallons per car. If you do some quick basic math, you know that only about 130 to 150 cars at most would get the free gas. Can you guess how many people showed up?

F'n thousands!!!

Thousands of morons cramped their cars onto one intersection causing massive chaos on the roadways. All so they can get some free F'n gas. Let me tell you I saw some crazy ass things too.

This girl being the best one

I saw one woman wait in line for hours so she could get ONLY 5 gallons of gas! Come On! $15!

Two cars were pushed into the gas pump. From how far? I don't know.

I saw another woman in a Mercedes get free gas. WTF! You own a Mercedes! I think you should be able to afford gas

There was a man with a mean gold grill giving away free wireless co. pens and t-shirts.

I man in a full head/neck brace complaining about not being about to get out of the libraby's parking cus of traffic. He claimed to be calling an ambulance to pick him up to go get his drugs at the hospital.....very smart!

Alot of dumbasses causing traffic accidents because they didn't see the huge crowd of parked cars.

In all I have to still ask....Was it really worth it? How long will that gas last? Not long in this city. The problem is not the price of gas, but rather why IS IT that price of gas. Many believe that there is something that can be done to reduce the rising prices. I don't see it happening.

So until it actually does, we all will be seeing more of these stupid promotions causing stupid people to leave there homes to get something they will waste for free.