I'm Leaving Las Vegas

For anyone who doesn't already know or hasn't yet heard, I am leaving Las Vegas.

Some of you have known this day would be coming; while others may be completely surprised to hear that I am moving. I have accepted a position at WOAI-TV in San Antonio, Texas. It's a great opportunity and also very exciting! I will be joining News4's Trouble Shooters team as an Investigative Photographer.

Right now as I look across my apartment, seeing it in a wreak with boxes and packing supplies littered about, it's starting to feel real to me. I can see nine years of professional and personal  achievements completed. Nine years of memories collected. All those years of complied junk that I now need to sift through and decide what gets kept and what gets tossed. As a collector, this is very difficult for me.

When I first moved to Las Vegas, I had no idea that I would have stayed this long. The plan was suppose to be in the two year range. I was just amazed to be living Vegas in the first place, and had no thoughts of creating a longterm life here. Along the way I made dozens of friends, done extraordinary things, and had crazy "anything could happen" adventures. All of that, those memories and friendships, will be coming with me. There is no way I am leaving any of that behind.

I am excited about moving. As you know, I like adventures. I feel like my time in Las Vegas has prepared me to be even more adventurous. I don't know what my future holds or in what direction my life will turn next. I have no clue how long it will even take me to discover that future, but I'm sure it will be a fun adventure the whole way.

Next week is my last week in Las Vegas. I plan on trying to meet up with as many friends as I can. I still have a lot of planning and packing to do. Sure there will be some type of going away party. Maybe one last hand of poker will be played. Not sure yet. I will send out an update through social media. I hope I will be able to see everyone some how or another.


P.S. - Your last chance to see me will also be your last chance to see my girlfriend Cassandra. She will be coming back to Las Vegas next week to help me complete our move to San Antonio. She is amazing. I wouldn't be able to do any of this without her. She is my #1 supporter and she always encourages me to reach for my goals and aspirations. I can hardly wait for us start our adventure together.