San Di-ego

Dear Cousin Gobo,

I needed some time away from the arid desert, so I decided to hit the beach. SoCal here I come!

Welcome to San Diego. Beautiful city. Very clean, hip, friendly, and all around awesome!

The weather was perfect. Sunny and warm. It sure wasn't as HOT as the desert. Scenery was great. Just look at all those plam trees. Oh yeah, the BEACH....

The Beach was bitchin'!!!! The water was warm, the sand was smooth, and the sun was shinning. I had a blast. I swam the ocean...I boogied the the board...I tanned the hell out of my skin. Say hello to the skin cancer. Now I am burnt red! OUCH!

I loved San Diego. I'm totally going to head back there very soon. There is plenty more for me to explore. Balboa park, Petco Park, Sea World, Comic Con.....also beach, beach, beach.

Just check out this cool statue along the water.

T.C.B., Baby


Take Home THIS!

Dear Cousin Gobo,

No longer will petroleum industry hold me as it's slave.

After more than a year of living in the very HOT desert. My station has decided to give me....my very own take home company vehicle.

Today I say goodbye to high gas prices. Hello company gas card!

This is a long time coming. I was told it took so long because no one has left our staff in over a year. Lucky for me, the company needed a few new trucks. In turn, it meant that I would get one of the hand me downs.

I'm not complaining. I don't have to keep racking up miles on my own personal car now. First order of business, get this sweet ride detailed. Maybe upgrade for a pair of 20's. Oh yeah! and some spinners.

Viva La Raza!!!


Hail to the King, Baby!

Dear Cousin Gobo,

This pass weekend I decided to go the CineVegas Film Fesrival and watch some really crappy independent films. Most of the films were poorly made, badly written, and.....well they really freaking sucked balls.
But there was one movie which I wanted to see the most above all.

My Name Is Bruce

It was the newest movie to be created by the Greatest "B" Movie actor of all time Bruce Campbell

I was planning all week to go see this movie, but then I heard about the fact that Bruce himself was going to attend and introduce the film. Well hello Mr. Fancypants! I couldn't believe it. I may have a chance to actually meet the Man. I've seen all his movies, I read both his books, damn I even bought video games because he did the voice over work. To say I idolize him is an understatement.

So I went down to CineVegas and bought my ticket, which had some small print about "no guaranteed seating". This made me nervous. The people with all access passes had first crack at the theater, then the ticket holders had to wait in line to see if there was enough space left. Lucky for me I was able to get a seat.
While I was in line waiting, Bruce showed up. He walked down the 15 foot long red carpet, posed for a few photos and then headed into the theater. I was so excited. I was going to be in the same theater as Bruce, watching his latest movie, which I found out that day that it wasn't completely finished. It was a "work in progress", meaning not all the audio transtions were cleaned up and there may be a few editing mistakes.

As I walked toward the theater, my friend pointed out that Bruce was still standing in the hall. So I walked up to him and said, "Hi". He greeted me back, and then I took the picture of him showing above. Why was I so nervous? I didn't even ask him to take a photo with me. I've met famous people before. I taken pictures with them using little effort. But this was BRUCE. You don't just demand audience with The King. Maybe I'll could get a picture with him after the movie?

Like I said the all access jokers got first shots at the best seats, so I had to sit in the second row. But I wasn't going to complaining. That just means I would have a better view of Bruce when introduced his film. BINGO, on that one!

After a short intro by Bruce the film started. Now it wasn't the greatest movie ever made. I wasn't even expecting it to be good. Let's say it was very entertaining. It was funny, and it was stupid. Exactly what you would expect from a good "B" movie. I'll probably buy it when it hits DVD.

Following the movie, Bruce went back to the front of the theater to do some Q&A. This was the best part of the whole night. The Man is funny. He would take a question from some stupid moron...he would repeat the question in a sarcastic tone...then answer the question making fun of the person asking it. I was rolling. My friend suggested that he should go on tour just doing that. I agreed. Here a few samples of the idiotic questions asked.

Q: Bruce, when are you going to give us fans what we all been waiting for...a "Full Frontal shot"?

BC: What?! You want to see my penis?! Are you gay?

Q: I'm writing my college thesis on you and your work, Who would win in a fight between you and a Velociraptor?

BC: Who would win? Your imagination would win!

Q: Do you ever get a chance to hang out with Kevin Sorbo?

BC: Yeah, we both go over to that guy's house, and pull out our dicks and play with them in front of that gay guy.

Q: When you release this movie, will you be going on tour?

BC: Yeah, there's going to be a tour. Coming to a theater near you! Cuz I really need to know what the people in Dickfuck, Kansas think about it.

Damn he was funny. Well I wasn't able to get photo with him afterwards. He went to the back of the theater, I was trying to go against the current of people. I think he was going to go out a back door anyways. I missed my chance, but I did get to see him. I also sorta met him. I can probably die happy now. When he returns for his book signing, I'll get my picture then.

T.C.B., Baby