Glitz & Glam

2.24 - A Day, A Photo

Come and see the glitz and glam of the Fabulous Las Vegas = translation - blinking lights

2.24 - Glitz & Glam


More Pics of the Days

A Day, A Photo

2.22 - Lab Fieldtrip

I was granted access to LVMPD forensic lab for a story about new ways to detect illegal drugs. Super cool!!

2.22 - Lab Fieldtrip

2.21 - Within the Box

TV can be fun....sometimes

2.21 - Within the Box

2.20 - Spring Arrives....early

Spring is already here in the L.V.

2.20 - Spring Arrives...early



2.19 - A Day, A Photo

So I have a giant pile of unread comics that seems like I can't make even a small dent into the lot. The harder I try the larger it gets. I guess that is what makes a collection

2.19 - Backlog


Another 4 day Catch-up

New A Day, A Photo X 4

2.18 - Friends with Words

Board games are Dead!
2.16 - Friends with Words

2.17 - Pot Bust

Huge Pot Bust accomplished by Las Vegas Metro Police. Check out all this pot making junk.
2.17 - Pot Bust

Metro found and removed 40 pounds of illegally grown Marijuana
2.17 - Pot Bust.2

2.16 - Windy Night

I noticed I shoot a lot of pictures at night
2.16 - Windy Night

2.15 - Moonlight Live

Simple yet cool
2.15 - Moonlight Live


Photo Time Catch-up

I've been slacking. So here is A Week, A Photos!!

2.14 - Ice - Yup, that's about it. Ice

2.14 - Ice

2.13 - New Bike - Look at my new obsession. Bike riding!!

2.13 - New Bike

2.12 - iFamily - Look close at this one. What can you tell me about it?

2.12 - iFamily

2.11 - Rugby - USA Sevens returns to L.V. I only saw this prep match, didn't make it out to the international matches. Bummer!!

2.11 - Rugby

2.10 - Light Speed - Sometimes you just need to keep that shutter open

2.10 - Light Speed


Slider Truck Windowlove

2.9 - A Day, A Photo

Slider truck Windowlove

Food trucks are not new by any means, but Slidin' Thru started a new wave of food trucks that operate in the L.V.

They serve gourmet burger and pork sliders, and they used social media to spread the word about their food and where they would be posted. Over the past few months other trucks like Slidin' Thru have begun driving around serving more gourmet food. It is the newest craze.

Come get Some!!! Windowlove!!


3 Day Catch-up

2.5 - Sunfire Fixed

I just got my car back from the body shop

2.5 - Sunfire Fixed

It was hit by another car two weeks ago while it was parked in a grocery store parking lot.

At first I wasn't too pissed about it. I was just a minor dent and some scraped paint. Then I started to think about it as I a paying my $500 deductible. Some Asshole hit my car while it was parked and they bloody well knew it. Then the Shithead decided to run off without leave any contact information. Bullshit!!

2.4 - Take Off

Chopper 8 takes off from the Helo pad at the station.

2.4 - Take Off

2.3 - Friendly?

Drivers in the L.V. are not even close to friendly nor courteous. See above article


What to you see? What do you say?


Toy Flock

2.1 A Day, A Photo

The Toy Flock protects all the cubicles from evil deadly computer viruses!

2.1 - Toy Flock