Mechanic Premiere

1.26 - A Day, A Photo

1.26 - Mechanic Premiere

Tonight I had to cover a red carpet premiere of Jason Statham's new film The Mechanic. It was like most red carpets. A lot of self proclaimed celebrities who've never heard of posing for cameras. Too many public relation reps running around asking if you would like to talk to their clients. Also with the usual lineup of cameras not caring about D-list stars just waiting for the real stars to appear. I must also include that Jason Statham performed a stunt as his entrance to the premiere. By stunt I mean he drove a car onto the sidewalk at Planet Hollywood and waved to the crowd.

So I had that going tonight


Snowboard Safety

1.23 - A Day, A Photo

1.23 - Snowboarding Safety

I went snowboarding this past Sunday. I was a bit rusty. When you first start snowboarding there is a degree of fear you have to overcome. As you cut back and forth riding the your edges, there is a split second on each turn were you fear that you may not make the cut and fall possibly hurting yourself. You have to overcome the fear of falling and kick your back leg, let go, and allow your body take control.

So after that you are snowboarding. I also learned that each time you begin a season on your first run you have to lose your fear again. On Sunday, I forgot that. I fell on my first run. I feel hard. Ending up spraining my wrist and hurting my shoulder. I couldn't done worst it I wasn't wearing my helmet. I guess my mother was right


The Blair House

1.21 - A Day, A Photo

1.21 - Blair House

There's this extended stay motel near my work, and at night it looks like a creepy horror movie set. The lighting is always multiple colors and flickering. Plus the people staying there are shady looking slightly known as prostitutes, and derelicts.


PJ20 Begins

1.19 - A Day, A Photo

Today's post gets two photos

1.19 - PJ20

I just received in the mail the first part of Pearl Jam's twentieth anniversary year, known as PJ20.
This is an album of 18 songs collected from live performances between 2003-2010 called Live On Ten Legs.

1.19.1 - PJ20

Just to think that it was 20 years ago that my uncle and I went to the local record store to buy Pearl Jam's Ten on cassette. I still have that tape. It is the only one I've keep from my old cassette collection.

The Ten Club has stated there are to be more releases and surprises throughout the year. I can't wait!!


File Vault

1.17 - A Day, A Photo

1.17 - File Vault

This is only a partial view of our massive file footage archive. This vault contains beta tapes, XD discs, and old film converted onto DVDs. I rarely go into this room these days, but sometimes I go in and wonder, "What happens when the server crashes?"

You see, the station no longer archives a hard copy. This is a growing trend in the media industry, and I would hate to see the day any station loses all its digital archive. I'm not going to knock the server based archive. It is much easier to search and find file footage than this older system. I only fear that one day it may all disappear


Palm Tree Sunset

1.16 - A Day, A Photo

1.16 - Palm Tree Sunset

Sometimes there are great sunsets in the desert. One of the perks of living in the L.V.



Gun Store

1.13 A Day, A Photo

1.13 - Gun Store

Hurry America! Run out and get your guns! Flex those 2nd Amendment rights



Jan 12 - A Day, A Photo

Jan 12 - Stormtrooper

So lately on the Las Vegas Strip, there are street performers walking around on the sidewalks asking for money from tourist for picture taking. Good thing I'm a photojournalist and I don't have to pay. I am going to try to capture more images as the year goes on.


NIght House

Jan 11 - A Day, A Photo

Jan 11 - Night House

Finishing a live shot from a marijuana pot bust in NW Las Vegas, I saw the moon hanging over the front door of a house


Dead On Top

A Day, A Photo - Jan 10

Jan 10 - Dead On Top

It was a great day at Red Springs which is like the Lite version of Red Rock near Las Vegas


Sinking Cat

A Day, A Photo - Jan 09
Jan 09 - Sinking Cat
My cat Cincy is a very charismatic, photogenic, adventurous troublemaker, and he also enjoys laying in the sink. Go figure


A Day, A Photo - Jan 01

I am starting a photo a day project this year.

Each day I will take at least one photograph and I will try to post that photograph everyday. I am sure I will fail, but I am all down with trying. Here is the first photo.
Jan 01

Also you can follow more of the process on facebook