Limit That Speed

Don't you dare drive 12 mph!!!

Is this really necessary?

This sign is in a neighborhood in the L.V.  My question is how does one calculate going 1/2 mph? Plus I would like to see someone receive a ticket for going 12-15 mph. Ha!!


New Adventures Await

So I got a call from my sister a few days back. Her birthday is coming up and she always wants to come visit me around this time of year. It is great when she comes to visit, but I hate taking days off from work just to hang around the L.V. If I wanted to do that I would call in sick!!

So instead of putting myself through multiple days of agonizingly "trying" to keep her entertained by finding interesting fun things to do in the desert, I decided to suggest an alternative. I simply ask, "Hey, how about instead of visiting each other in our respected locations, we go on a trip domestic or abroad together?" She was thrilled by this idea!!

So now we have to decide where we'd like to go. After making our own favorite lists, we've are looking at two possibilities.

1. New Zealand
2. Ireland, specifically Cashel, Ireland

So what do you think? Comments?? Where should we go?