Freedom in Action

On Location
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Dear Cousin Gobo,

I recently stumbled across a group of people who were making a documentary of some sort. I am unsure what the entire thing was about, but I was in need of some pocket change. I've discovered that being an adventurer has an ever climbing cost. So I took a part time job as a crew member of this production. All are very stange but enjoyable people and it seems that spending more time at one location could be beneficial for me. On to more adventuring!!

Travelin' Miles



Dear Cousin Gobo,

It's unbelieveable, my first adventure into Outerspace and I'm almost blown to smitherines. I stumbled upon these pyromaniacs who seem eager to loose a limb or two.

They attempted to ignite rockets into the night sky to glaze at their brillant colors. It looked very dangerous......and FUN.

Fire in the Sky was not enough for this lunatic

Eventhough I nearly suffered from severe burning, the event was enjoyable

Travelin' Miles


I'm off

Dear Cousin Gobo,

I've decided that today is the day. I am finally crossing the theshold and will venture into the unknown. I'm going to do what we both have always dreamed about doing our entire childhood. I will explore and map the vast Outerspace. Don't worry about me cousin, I'll be very careful. I have absolute confidence in my mapping ability, and I'm certain that my years of training will come in hand. Be on the lookout for letters in the mail for I will be sending you updates of my adventures. Until we see each other again, remember to always keep exploring.

Travelin' Miles