Lost Highway

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Dear Cousin Gobo,

Sorry I haven't written in a long time. I have been unable to reach a.....oh I can't lie. I was kidnapped! It was scary as hell. I don't want to tell you about it.

One day I was just walking down the road when an automobile with flashing lights approached me. I single man within the auto exited and with a very bright light in my eyes, he screamed at me repeatedly. I couldn't quite understand a word from him, so I move toward him asking what the problem was. With a flash, he squirted liquid into my eyes causing them to burn intensely. I fell to the ground with my hands in my eyes, and I was screaming with pain. The man grapped my hands, tied them behind my back, and threw me into the back of his automobile. Unable to see, I repeatedly demanded to know where he was taking me, but all I got for an answer was to "remain quiet, sir".

After what seemed like hours, the man pulled me out of the auto, sprayed my face with what tasted like milk, and then tossed me into the darkest cave I've ever been in. And in this cave were the ugliest, smelliest, nastiest creatures that you can imagine. These creatures were very interested in my arrival, because they all wanted to touch and grap and me. It took all my strength just to keep these creatures from taking my lucky pack. As the night fell I was very scared for my life. Falling asleep on the hard ground, and wondering what will attack me next. I believed that I wouldn't make it to see the morning.

Never the less, I did make it. I made it thoughout countless weeks when finally without notice I was released.

With the bright light of the sun burning my retinas, I thought about my whole captive experience, and I came to the conclusion that if I ever see an auto with flashing light appraoch me again, I will run as fast as I can for the safety of my life.

So after a short recovery, I am back on the horse. There is a lot to see and lots to mapout. Expect more letters in the coming weeks, for I'm eager to tell you more stories

Travelin' Miles