Training Day

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Dear Cousin Gobo,

I learned that these Silly Creatures known as "Uhmans", don't take any chances out there in Outerspace. I once thought that the half-size ones were just a variation of the entire species. For they are quite intelligent to be younglings, but it turns out that they are indeed the offspring of the larger "Uhmans". Unlike our younglings, they are able to learn skills and abilities quicker that their adult counterparts. Which leads me to my point.

Today I witnessed some sort of training session for the half- size ones. They were being taught how to operate mechanical rock throwers. These rock throwers can sling tiny peebles faster than your eyes can blink. The rocks move so fast that whatever they hint will be severely damaged. I would not like to be on the other end of these rock throwers. The Half -size Uhmans were also watching large metal birds up in the clouds zipping this way and that way. My neck got a kink , cus I too was amazed by the speed of these strange things. Every once and a while one would fly down low to the ground and drop a egg that would explode on impact. That egg would cause a large amount of heat and smoke as it hit the ground. Amazing!

The Uhmans seamed to like this training session, for they would cheer and clap their hands together in approval. I asked one of them to tell me the reasoning behind this show. He said, " To prevail in the war against terror".

This is the first I've heard of "war". It was described to me as fierce fighting of two sides until there is only one winner by default. And I was very frightened, cus I only know one thing that terrorifies me......Gorgs.

It may be possble that the Gorgs are planning an encroachment into Outerspace. Fortunately, the hailf-size Uhmans are much smarter than the Gorgs.

Just watch yourself the next time you go to collect radishes.

Travelin' Miles