Went to the Moon!!

A few days ago I was lucky enough to meet three NASA astronauts whom all went to the Moon.

10.21 - Moonsuit
Now a lot of people forget that NASA sent multiple missions to the Moon. Skeptics like to spin conspiracy theories concerning the first Moon landing, suggesting that historic moment never happen and was in fact faked. So let's just give them a inch on that and look at it as there was a conspiracy. If the first Moon landing was faked then all the other Moon landings/walks would also be faked. That would also mean that not only were the first crew, but all the crews that went to the Moon are in on the conspiracy. That is hundreds of people involved in these NASA programs over the course of two decades. After meeting three official NASA astronauts, now in their elderly years, I find that very hard to believe.

These three men had amazing detailed stories about their experiences going to the Moon. Their stories were not scripted. They came from emotional memories. Not only did these men have stories about their Moon missions; they also talked about how the Space Program paved the way of our modern day life. Everyday we neglect to recognize all the products that NASA created for the space voyages that we use commonly today. The Astronauts told how velcro was invented to hold objects in place while in zero gravity. Would we have cellphones if there wasn't a need to stay in contact with a spacecraft that was landing on the Moon? Scratch proof plastic was used for astronauts helmets, and we use it for eyeglasses. Each smartphone in a person pocket has more computing power than the first spacecraft. Would laptops, smartphones, or tablets even exist without the need for spacecrafts to jam electronics in the smallest area possible?

Think what you wish about the Moon landings. Is it is conspiracy? I don't believe so. There are too many loose ends to tighten up to make the conspiracy real. The three astronauts I meet would not be doing appearances decades later. Surely someone would slip up by now. Regardless, the stories and documentation these astronauts had was spectacular, and I bet you wished you had the same opportunity I had.

Sorry, you didn't!