Miles of Bad Luck

The last two weeks has been hell for me. It all started the day after election day. That was the day I was in a traffic accident while at work. You remember that, right? Because of the accident I was given a few days off and was told to get myself checked out by a doctor. I went ahead and did that. It wasn't too bad. I was told that I had minor muscle sprains and I would heal naturally with rest and limited activity at work. Ok I can deal with that. Just take it easy at work. No problem. We'll get back to that in a minute.

At that time, I thought everything was going great for me. I get an extended weekend to relax and rest up. This is going to be great. Aviation Nation was that weekend; I love fighter jets and giant airplanes. Plus I could go to First Friday with my friends. (First Friday is an art fesitival held every first friday of each month. It is at night and I work nights. I hope you get it by now) Well if you read my blog about the accident you should remember I started it out talking about my sore throat. I thought I was ok. I get sore throats at least once a year, and they cause no problem. I suffer a few days, drink alot of hot tea, and then it is gone. I'm normal again. So I went to First Friday still having a sore throat, and for the most part I had a fun time. I had to go home early though. I was going to Avaiation Nation the next day, and the gates open early. But to my surpise I awoke the next morning with my throat swollen to the point that I could barely breathe. It was super sore. I felt miserable. I had to go to the doctor. I hate going to the doctor. They always make me feel inferior to their knowings of medical knowledge like I should know what they are talking about. Hey I didn't go to med school. Just fix me and shut up!

I was told that I had strep throat. Yipee! I was given a prescription and told to stay home for three to four days. So my four day weekend turned into a five day sick weekend. I stayed quaranteed to my room for most of it so I wouldn't infect my roommate.

It is not like I didn't get anything accomplished while I was at home alone for I had my Wii helping me recover.

Defeated Ganon

I finally Defeated Ganon in the Legend of Zelda. I slightly remember this being a much bigger deal when I was a kid. This time......quite unsatisfying.

On to Second Quest

What the hell is this Second Quest crap?!

I also discovered a new comic.

Kick Ass

Kick ass is totally kick ass! If you like to read comics, you must pick this one up. It is about a teen who decides he wants to be a superhero, so he tries it one day and totally gets his ass handed to him. Along with other things this comic rocks!! Go get it now!

So back to our story. I returned to work after five days at home. I had to return to work being on light duty. Light duty as a photojournalist sucks! I did alot of this.

Light Duty, Blah

Notice the lack of shaving. I didn't care. Sitting around at the tv station for 8 or so hour a day for a week really makes one chipper. I don't know what is worst. Doing nothing at home or doing nothing at work? Correction I did have few things to do at work.

Paper angst

Stop all the accident paperwork!! You know it is really hard to take a photo of paperwork frustration. Try it! I dare you!

Ok I getting close to finishing this. Everything brings us up to date....present tense. So at first this week looked promising. I was feeling better, and I hoping to get back to normal work duty soon. Well....there was a bit of a set back. It turns out the doctor I went to for my traffic accident isn't exactly covered by my company's workman's comp. So I was told to stop seeing that docotor, get all the paperwork from that doctor, and wait until they figured out the next step. Ok simple enough. But wait I tick. On Tuesday night I started to feel strange. I broke out with a full body rash. My face and ears felt like they were on fire. I was itching so much it must have looked like I had some sort of version of Tourrette's Syndrome.

So I had to leave work again. It turns out I was having an allergic reaction to the medication I was taking for the strep throat. Well that sucks! I just finished all of that prescription the day before. This couldn't have been discovered sooner? I was told by the doctor that it probably took a few days for work itself through my system. I was giving two painful shots in the ass (I hate needles!) and sent home with a note to take another day off.

Prescription Medley

Now I have more prescriptions to take. What if these cause new reactions? I wouldn't know I rarely ever have to take prescription drugs. Maybe it is because my birthday is coming signaling to me that my aging clock is striking. Or maybe it is all just a string of bad luck.

To end on an upper. I didn't waste the full day at home. I went to yet another doctor, but this one has cleared me to get going back to work. Horray for me!!!


Light up the night

First day back from my little traffic accident and all I do is cover an opening of yet another local casino. Yay!

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The True Meaning

So the glorious holiday of halloween has just passed, and I never understood why everyone dresses up in the first place. I know it is fun to pretend to be an astronaut or a pirate, and getting free candy is always a good thing.

But why is it such a big deal? Where did these ideas of wearing costumes come from?

Well, I did some research, and maybe this video will insight you as much as it has opened my eyes.

Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized?


Shaken not Stirred

Today was awful! First I woke up having a sore throat which can only mean that I am getting sick. I hate being sick!

Second I was in a traffic accident around 3:30 p.m.


That really ruined my day. I was just driving to work. Minding my own business. When a few cars ahead of me abruptly stopped . I jammed on my brakes! My truck skidded to a stop just barely missing the truck in front of me. When BAM!


A white van smashed into the back of my truck pushing it into the truck in front of me. Do know how scary it is to look back and see that?!


The truck in front of me received minor damage. A few scratches on the bumper. My truck has its back hatch smashed in, and the window was shattered. The the good thing though, my news camera was protected inside its metal black case. Yay!

So I had to file a police report. A plus note, no one was injured. Yes, yes I'm ok. Maybe a bit sore, I'll find out more in the morning.

Then I had to wait for the tow truck to come and pull the two vehicles apart so that we could try to pry the camera out of its case and save it from anymore trama. I'm glad to report that we succeeded. Then I had to take a drug screening test for my company's insurance. It is a good thing I had to pee, but let me tell if you bring the wrong form you may have to wait almost a hour. That is a long time holding it.

Then after that I was handed alot of paperwork to fill out, and I was sent home. But wait! I don't have a car. I need a ride. Good thing my supervisor lives near my general direction.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Hmmmm......how am I going to get to work?

UPDATE 11-6-08

So today as I was driving to work I felt a slight.....spasm (isn't the right word but is the first that comes to mind) in my lower back. I told my supervisors went I got to work about my discomfort and I was told to go to the doctor and go home for the day.

So I call up my doctor who refers me to another doctor that specializes in traffic accidents. Long story short, I may have minor back muscle and ligament sprains. I get a doctor's note for yet another day off, and recommended for some therapy sessions. What in the world am I going to do with all this time off?


Fashion Forward

I recently had an excellent fashion photo shoot.

It was a lot of fun. I like to take pictures of people, and I found out that in the right atmosphere with the right people makes all the difference.

Cassie Myers

This model's name is Cassie. She was great! Most people just want to get the shoot over as soon as possible, but not her. She has a great natural look. She was patient and had a very positive attitude. She wasn't afraid to get a little dirty either

Cassie Myers

One of the best parts of this shoot was its creative energy. My friend Courtney was the source of all that energy. She had all the clothes and wanted unique looks for each. We would talk about ideas and try multiple things out. I can't recall the last time when I felt like my photo shoot was like goofing around instead of working.

Cassie Myers

I wouldn't mind doing this as my permanent job. The only thing is I would need to surround myself with people who will make me want to reach for that extra bit of creativity. Who knows maybe my friends in this shoot will want to try to start our own fashion photography buisness.