No Tip For You

I dislike when street performers glare at me when I am just trying to take their photo.

7.29 - No Tip For You

7.29 - No Tip For You

No one is giving you money because you look grumpy!!


Turtles Were Meant for Fighting

I started this blog 8 years ago. Back then I had this wacky idea to write letters to a fictional family member of mine who I named Cousin Gobo. It was meant for Gobo to actually be the readers of my blog. I wanted everyone to have the feeling I was writing them personally.

So tonight I was going back through my archives, and I re-read some of my crazy stories. I noticed a pattern. The first dozen posts or so I was trying to write stories has if I was experiencing these events for the very first time. These were fun and sometimes very wacky stories. Then somewhere in 2008 my tone changed completely, and I was a very cynical and angry writer. Then the posts to Cousin Gobo was dropped all together with the blog barely being updated for a few years. Finally the blog was reborn with my photo of the day projects. Still Cousin Gobo was missing.

I would like to bring some of the Gobo back.

I am continuously growing, so shall Cousin Gobo. I am going to continue with my photo of the day blog, but sometimes I will post a fun and sometimes very wacky story along with it.

7.28 - Vintage Turtles

7.28 - Vintage Turtles

Out of curiosity I went into a vintage toy store. I found a lot of toys that I once owned much like this original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

I remember getting this exact toy was I was a young boy. I was a huge TMNT fan with Michaelangelo being my favorite turtle. (I just noticed that his name is spelled wrong. He is suppose to be named after the famous artist Michelangelo. What an awful way to teach kids how to become bad spellers.)

When I received this toy from my mother, I was stunned to actually be holding it. I remember just looking at it. The packaging was so colorful. The Ninja Turtle looks super tough and ready to fight! Everything was so clean and undamaged. I didn't want to open it. It was my prized possession at that exact moment. I didn't want it to get ruined.

My mother thought that maybe I didn't like it because I didn't want to open the box. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love it. I just wanted it to stay safe. She soon convinced me that it would be alright to open it. So I did so as carefully as possible..... at first.

Whenever a 9 year old tries to open any gift it turns into complete carnage. I like to believe I tried to surgically remove Michaelango from his plastic tomb, but I am sure within seconds the anticipation took hold of me and I ripped that box wide open.

I loved that toy. I played with it for countless hours. I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle. I even designed blueprints of my future bedroom to have a manhole that would lead to my Ninja Turtle sewer cave. (True)

Now I am looking at my toy once again. If I kept that $6 turtle in his box, he would be worth $90 today. That is if I sold it. If I had the foresight to keep my toys unopened, I would probably be a poor man with a bunch of unplayed toys and no desire to sell them. That's called hoarding.

So when I become rich and famous like everyone else who wishes the same will happen to them, I am going back to that toy store. I am going to purchase Michaelango once again, and I am going to tear that box wide open. Freeing him from his imprisonment. Then I will give it to another 9 year old who will love it as much as I did. That is ... of course, after I have played with it for a couple of hours.

From Slash to Batman

I had a busy weekend so far.

I stayed out late on Thursday night to see rock guitarist Slash in concert at the House of Blues

7.25 - Slash

7.25 - Slash

The next morning I had to wake up early to drive south to Goodsprings, Nevada. I went there to cover a story about the Pioneer Saloon turning 100 years old.

7.26 - Pioneer Saloon

7.26 - Pioneer Saloon

One would think after a late night followed by an early morning that I would sleep in the next day. Well not if there is a new comic book store specializing in back issues and vintage comics opens.

7.27 - Here's Batman

7.27 - Here's Batman

One last day of the weekend to go...


Fast Forward!!

So I missed a few days because I was on vacation. Now it is time to catch up.

7.13 - Retardant

7.13 - Retardant

7.14 - Horse Riding

7.14 - Horse Riding

7.15 - SAR Flight

7.15 - SAR Flight

7.16 - Air Crane

7.16 - Air Crane

7.17 - Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza

7.17 - Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza

7.18 - High walk

7.18 - High Walk

7.19 - Concert Night

7.19 - Concert Night

7.20 - Bounce House

7.20 - Bounce House

7.21 - To The Batcave

7.21 - To The Batcave

7.22 - Skyward Reflection

7.22 - Skyward Reflection

7.23 - Chicago Flag

7.23 - Chicago Flag

There. That should fix it!!


A Week of Fire

Return from vacation. Go straight into fire coverage

Five continuous 12 hour days sitting in a hot live truck waiting for wildfire updates. That was my week.

Most of the time I had a up close view of smoke.

7.8 - Carpenter 1 Fire

There was an opportunity to get to the fire lines

7.9 - Fire Fighting in the Trees

But most of the time, I spent avoiding the Sun because it was still above 100 degrees daily.

7.10 - Sun Blocker

And reusing video I shot on the one opportunity at the fire line.

7.11 - Spot Fires

Lucky, I didn't get sick from all the heavy smoke

7.12 - Gross Air

The wildfire is dying down. The smoke has pretty much faded away. I hope the same goes for the news coverage. I am exhausted.

More photos to come.


Miami and Back

I went to Joel's wedding this past weekend. He is a great friend of mine. So naturally I would go to his wedding even it was in Lake Worth, Florida. You probably have no idea where Lake Worth is even located, so let's just say Miami, Florida.

It was over the 4th of July holiday. We spend the first night at the Hard Rock casino for the bachelor's party. We had a great view of fireworks from our room

7.4 - Happy 4th Florida

Happy 4th Florida!!

Of course a wedding needs tuxedos! Joel looks like James Bond

7.5 - Bond. Joel Bond

The Last Suit He Ever Puts On

The Wedding was on the beach on the most perfect day.

7.6 - His Bride

His Bride

The wedding receptions was a blast!!


My final day in Florida, after all the wedding festivities, I went to South Beach

LIfeguard Shack

This is a small sample of my trip. You should check all of my pictures from Florida in my photo set on Flickr

I still have a few days to catch up. The next post is going to be about a wildfire I started covering the instant I returned from vacation.



Vacation Time Again!!

So I'm off on another adventure!!

This time to beautiful South Florida. So to qualify the quota for my photo of the day project, I decided to post a random moment from my last holiday trip.

Here is a view of the Coast Guard following (more like escorting) our ferry from Staten Island back to Manhattan.


7.3 - Bon Voyage

Be on the lookout of more photos when I return!!