Peace Rally

Originally uploaded by Travelin' Miles.
Dear Cousin Gobo,

It is said that a single person's voice can change the world. I've had a chance to observe this action first hand.

One day, I was walking around looking for new adventures, when I heard a gathering of humans yelling and chanting on busy street ways. As I appoached, I discovered that my ears have tricked me. For there was only a few when it sounded like many.

These few were marching with signs, waving muli-colored flags, and yelling out to the passer-bys. I was curious about this strange event, and I made a mistake of asking one of them why they were all doing such things. Soon I was surrounded by people holding signs and flags, all who were screaming at me about wrong doings of names I have never heard of before. Chants like "No blood for oil" and "Peace" were very popular amongs theses people. They all claimed that they were testing the "Pro" of the actions of their clan leaders. I heard one say that their lives could be alot better only if the "Bush" wasn't in their office.
I suggested to them to try to add ferns or plants if they disliked bushes so. At this point the small group seemed to respond negitively toward me, so I decided it was time to leave.

I tried to politely part ways with this group, but they still wanted to tell me more about their strange ideals. The only escape was to run into the busy street way, where traffic was at full speed, but I gladly risked that danger to evade anymore annoyance.

Let me tell you cousin, try to steer clear of any groups waving signs in the air. If you want things to change it is better to make things happen instead of standing on the corner screaming at everyone walking pass. Anyways things could be alot worst...

Travelin' Miles