A Much Deserved Rest

Dear Cousin Gobo,

After the last few weeks I had, I am in need of some time for myself to get re-adjusted. Middle of last week, I awoke to discover some hooligans broke a window out of my work vehicle. The thieves took only the stuff I needed to do my job properly: a camera tripod, a light kit, and a box of various cables.

These things are useless to anyone who doesn't shot video professionally. I have no idea why someone, other than a meth-head looking for quick cash, would steal this stuff. So I had to deal with police reports, serial numbers, annoyed supervisors, and a voilated self-esteam. Eventhough my chief kept telling me it wasn't my fault, in a way I thought it was. I was emotionally distraught. Then...

I was told I was working my last weekend shift. Yeah! When I was I told you ask? How about on Monday. Yes, I was called on my day off and told my new shift started that day. So I guess I'm going to work ten straight now. The shitty part was I didn't get to tell my reporter/friend that I wasn' t going to be working with him anymore until Friday. Damn

So after a week of dealing with some new paranoia and another week of work with out any days off, I'm alittle drained. I couldn't think of a single event that could refill my spirits, reignite my upbeat energy. Until...

I saw this. Now I'm not much of a fan of musicals. But...

this one stars The Danza! Yes that's right, Who's the Boss? star Tony Danza is probably the only one with the power to cheer me up. I don't know, there's just something about envisioning Tony Danza singing and dancing that makes me laugh. I'll keep you updated when I go to the show.

T.C.B., Baby!


A Change in the Water

Dear Cousin Gobo,

Today I held witness to the power of water. It started to rain today. Okay, I've certainly been it places that it has rained many times before, but the rain here was a completely different animal.

What started as mere drops soon developed into a rage of flooding. In less that thirty minutes rivers were flowing through the desert. Roads were completely overcome by the water. Many were amazed by this act of nature, including myself.

Now I've seen flooding before, but I've never seen it happen so fast. It wasn't even that much rain. I've seen rivers rise above it's banks destroying homes. I've seen roads blocked by massive mudslides. Usually it happens over the course of a few days of constant rain. I've never seen it happen in twenty minutes.

The desert ground doesn't absorb the water like most places. When it rains the excess water has nowhere to go. Plus you can't predict where or how it will flow. How will you know where it will rain? Once a neighborhood road, now is a easy path for a river. To help prevent the destruction of many homes the officials in the L.V. valley have built very large detention basins to hold all the flooding water. With any luck, the natural flow will move it in exactly that direction.

Today was a lucky day. The rain came fast and hard causing a few roads to be blocked, but no one was injured. And as quickly as the large river formed, just as quickly did the sky clear up and all the water trickle down to a stream.

T.C.B., Baby!