Dear Cousin Gobo,

The mayor of the L.V. wants to cleanup the downtown area. This is not a surprise. Downtown is filthy. Homeless, drunks, and drug addicts litter the streets. Goblins, dirt bags, and nightwalkers try to sell their services for less than fifty dollars. It's dark and creepy, even during the day. Only the bravest souls would even venture down there after the sun sets. The strangest thing, the area which I'm talking about is a only a few blocks from a very popular tourist and "family" attraction.

With all that said, how is the mayor planning to cleanup this neglected area?

Brand new old signs.

Yes, this is a brilliant plan. I have complete confidence that as soon as all these new old neon signs are up and turned on....all the filthy elements of downtown will simply disappear. There will be no more homeless men asking you to pet their giant rabbits. No more two dollars hookers offering three dollar hand jobs. No more free shootings with every illegal drug transaction.

You see the problem isn't that it is too dark. A few very bright neon signs are not going to turn everything around. The area sucks because there is nothing down there. All the store fronts are empty and smell like urine. Business don't want to move there. Why would they? It's just a bad enviroment.

The only good thing that will come of these new old signs, all the great pictures. As you can see I was pushing my luck. Taking pictures at dusk, so close to nightfall.

T.C.B., Baby!



Dear Cousin Gobo,

It is indeed a rare event. Actual weather other than sunshine has come to the desert. Today in the afternoon, the sky darkened.....clouds built up....and it started to rain. Yes rain!

It is monsoonal season, and I couldn't be more excited. Don't get me wrong....I like the sunshine. I got a great tan. It's just after about ninety days of 110 + degree heat you get a little "burnt" out. I'm waiting for a change......any change.

As everything else in the L.V., change will have a price. Sure it is awesome to get a break in the heat. There's slight humidity in the air because it is still like 90 degrees. It will probably rain alittle, but not much rain is needed to cause flash flooding. You would think that ground would soak that rain right up. Wrong! The desert hates the rain. The ground doesn't soak up rain like most people think it does. It's the things living in the ground......namely plants. Not too much plant life in the desert. It would be a the desert if there was...right!

Still seeing giant clouds roll over the mountains is very cool. And the lighting! The lighting is AWESOME! It is fast, intense, frequent, and loud! Well actually the thunder is loud. But still it a cool sight. Total darkness, and then FLASH, FLASH, FLASH, FLASH.......BOOOOOM.

I'm hoping to get either getting some video or cool pictures of the lighting..........soon.

T.C.B., Baby!


Snow Patrol

Dear Cousin Gobo,

Ears ringing...heart pumping....voice lost.

One great thing about living in this beacon within the desert, alot of special events enjoy coming here. Especially concerts. I recently attended a concert of Ireland's finest.......Snow Patrol.

This show was awesome! Surprisingly, since I lived here, I have yet been to a show that isn't the groups' best possible performance. I am unsure if there is something in the water, or maybe it's all the excess oxygen pumped in by the big casinos. A show in the L.V. is always great!

For about a good two hours, this band rocked the roof off the house. Eventhough, I may have misplaced my professional camera, this adventurer was able to still grab a few shots with a slightly lesser grade camera.

Plus my friend Ken-G and I met four Irish girls. Now these weren't girls who were merely Irish, they were girls from Ireland. Though, they didn't like how I claimed to be Irish. "Are yee from Ireland?" they asked. "Well no", I responded. "The you're not Irish then are yee" Good point!

Regardless we all had a fun time together. It's just a pity that after the concert we couldn't have partied together longer. It was probably a dead end anyways, right.

T.C.B., Baby


Lucky # 7's

Dear Cousin Gobo,

Saturday was 7-7-07, and thousands upon thousands of people migrated to the desert just to get married by the one and only..........Elvis.

That's right the King of Rock n' Roll was presiding over holy nuptials. Only Elvis wasn't performing just any ol' marriages, he was conducting Lucky 7 7 7 Las Vegas marriages.

Many believed that this once in a century, made up psuedo-holiday would bring not only everlasting good luck, but also an easy to remember most wonderful moment of their newly bonded lives. What any other reason would you need. Boy.... let me tell you, Elvis was dancing up a sweat all day long. Punching out accerlerated "I do's" in seven (of course) minutes flat. Singing hit after hit as the revolving door of bride and groom couples marched in and out. It was an exciting, entertaining, in-expensive day to remember for many newly weds

What can be more memorable than your minister singing Only Fool's Rush In at your first (I'm guessing) of many weddings to come?

T.C.B., Baby