6.29 - 6.30 - Extreme Heat Weekend

This weekend there was an extreme heat warning. Temperatures reached record highs. 117 degrees!!
So what else is there to do but get out of town.

6.29 - Fake France

6.29 - Fake France

People were advised to stay indoors, but staying at home is boring. So let's go to the mall!!

6.30 - Beat the Heat

6.30 - Beat the Heat


6.20 - Spacestation?

Fashion Show Mall is just one example of unique architecture on the LV Strip.

6.20 - Spacestation?


6.19 - Pick a Color

You can find cool photographs in the strangest locations

6.19 - Pick A Color

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6.17 - 6.18 - Birds and Bath

The best thing to do is 'Put a bird on it!'

6.17 - Atrium

Hot day + cool water = Sunshower

6.18 - Sunshower


6.16 - Vegas Vacation

Fireworks over the Strip and it's not even New Year's

6.16 - Vegas Vacation

I Spent The Day With Stan Lee...Almost

I spent the day at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con trying to meet a legend, but failed in all of my best attempts. Yet I still had fun trying.

Comics on Display

Comic Book Conventions are beginning to grow now that superheroes are hitting the mainstream. This I believe is a good thing. Almost everyone has heard of the San Diego Comic Con as being the biggest but it is also the hardest one to gain access. It has grown so massive that it is very crowded and sometimes has so much going on all at once that you never see anything. Also the price for admission has skyrocketed, not to mention, you have to register months ahead of time. So when Amazing Comic Con comes to town, it gives fans a opportunity to enjoy a comic book convention at a smaller scale. Giving you better access to artists and comic book products; while keeping the admission very affordable.

I spent the better part of the day trying to meet the Legendary Stan Lee.

Legendary Stan Lee

The best I could do was attend his Q&A panel.

Stan Lee Q&A

Legendary Stan Lee

I guess I could have done what the real fanatics did. Pay $50 and stand in line for hours just to get a quick photo, but I wanted more of an one on one setting with him. So I tried using all of my journalistic skills to bargain for some of his time with his public relation crew. After a lot of waiting and miscommunication, I decided to wasn't worth the headache and exhaustion. But that is ok. I did get to see him up close and hear him talk about his life as arguably the greatest comic book creator in history.

Other than my failed attempts to meet Stan, I did have a fun time meeting other artists and searching for comic book gems.

Searching for a Gem

I met Ryan Stegman, who is, in my opinion, one of the best current artists.

Ryan Stegman and I

I collect Spider-Man comics, so it was great that he signed a few of his Superior Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider comics for me.

Stegman Signatures on Scarlet Spider

One of my favorite activities at comic cons are all the people cosplaying. Cosplay is short for costume playing. It is simply dressing up like your favorite comic book characters.

Here is a great Joker.

Joker Cosplay

Hey, it's Batman!

Meet Batman

A pretty good Hugh Jackman as Wolverine look a like and Iron Man pose with a fan

Wolverine and Iron Cosplay

There is so much to see and do at comic book conventions. It is fun for the kids and adults who are kids at heart.


I tend to want to purchase almost everything I see. I would attest that I am slightly obsessed, but I don't buy just anything. In fact I didn't purchase a single item. I look for the items that are perfectly fitted for my collection. Although, I do sometimes find things so unique that I just can't resist. If that is what you're looking for then a comic con is the best place to be.

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6.11 - Light Bright Construction

The LV Strip is always changing. I know this fact very well, yet I am still surprised to see old building becoming transformed into something new and different

6.11 - Light Bright Construction

Some day this will be open and known as The Quad.

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6.7 - Infestation

The LV desert is supposed to be under a grasshopper infestation as they migrate through this area.

Hey I found ONE!!

6.7 - Infestation


6.2 - Hot Weekend

As June comes to the desert so does the 100 degree temperatures. I spent a good amount of time at the pool this weekend.

6.2 - Hot Weekend

This may become mandatory for the remainder of summer